Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor.

It is refreshing to see businesses start to open back up, home sales skyrocket, and an influx of people moving into this wonderful community.

What is not refreshing is seeing the flags flying on some homes in the city saying “f**k Biden and f**k whoever voted for him”.

Seriously, people? I couldn’t care less who someone voted for or their feelings towards anyone who may have voted for a candidate that you didn’t like. What I do care about is that these flags do not reflect well upon our community one bit.

Is this really what we want to teach our children? That if you don’t get your way, you put obscenity filled signs out and attack anyone who doesn’t agree with you?

Isn’t there any kind of obscenity ordinance in this community? Is this really what we want to project to our neighbors? That if they voted for someone you didn’t, you are f**king this and that?

We want to encourage people to come into this community, to raise their children here and bring businesses into the area.

How are we going to do that when 50 percent of the people who are considering moving into our community are told “f you for voting for him”?

Fine, if you don’t like the current president, again, I couldn’t care less. Work towards voting him out, write your congressmen, etc.

You want to “f” this or whatever towards the people who you don’t like, go on Facebook and rip on people until they unfriend you. However, to make our community look trashy and fly obscenity filled flags is not the way.

We want to project a friendly, fun filled community, not this. We are better than this and I hope zoning makes them take these flags down.

Jayne Brindley


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