Courtesy photos
Held for the past 32 years, the Annual Nahma Classic is organized by employees of FutureMark – Manistique. Only a select number of non-employees are able to fill card openings. Participants in this year’s event included, front row, from left: Rob Popour, Rick Demers, Henry Weber, Tiger Braun, Jeff Rochefort , Harry Toennessen, Mike MacGregor, Nick Beaudre, Dewey LaLonde, Mike MacGregor, Eric Soderstrom. Back row: Rick Martin, Rick Thayer, John Matchinski, Bill Turek, Dan Selling, Rod Popour, Sketter Schuetter, Mark Rhode, Kyle Reque, Tim Zellner, Robert Smith, Dave Beaudre, Dick Ekstrom, Wayne Fleck, Don St. John, Gerry Zellar, Ray Jacobson, John Nelson, Bill Pistulka, Steve Leduc, Steve Ekstrom, Jim Tiglas, Bill Neadow, Mike Sheppard, Terry Demers and John Gauthier. At top right: The 32nd Annual Nahma Classic championship team of Mark Rhode, Ray Jacobson, Rick Martin and Kyle Reque. Bottom right: Some things never change, especially for Dan Selling and Bill Turek. For the past 32 years the two have participated in the annual Nahma Classic and for the past 32 years they stood by and watched countless others walk up and be fitted for the coveted green jacket. Selling and Turek are the only two known participants to never play on a winning team. But there’s always next year. 34p1.jpg