Courtesy photos
Above, winning HOSA students are pictured. Front Row, left to right: Jena Bosanic, Carlie Chase, Courtney LaLonde, Vanessa McNamara, Raiann Metty. Back Row, left to right: Haley MacGregor, Elisa Mac- Gregor, Robert Ayotte, Brandi Minor, Brittany Braeger, Ed Rethman, Steph Zellar, Hunter Ashbrook, Maryse Hinkson, Jared Edwards, and Tyler Kangas. Below, Mike Rochon, Mike Powers, and Rep. John Kivela met recentlyin Lansing to discuss educational issues. 39p1.jpg


Do you agree with the Schoolcraft County Board of Commissioner's decision not to support the DNR land acquisition in Hiawatha Township?