Schoolcraft Memorial HomeCare and Hospice

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CARING Is What We Do Best
Hospice program may provide:
Nursing | Aides | Physician Home Visits |
Counseling | Social Work Services | Physical
Therapy | Occupational Therapy | Speech
Therapy | Medical Equipment | Respite Care |
Bereavement Support Services | Spiritual Care
“You not only took care of my husband, but
also helped me through it all. I believe it takes
very special people to do this kind of work. You
have my gratitude and thanks for all you’ve done
for my family.”
7870W US Highway 2, Manistique, MI
906.341-3284 •
Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
Hospice care
focuses on the
person not the
disease. We
take a team
approach with
our patients and
their family.
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