Pioneer Tribune photo Jackie Bruce, one of Project Petunia’s new organizers, is shown watering flower beds recently. When Bruce and Andrea Wedegartner took over Project Petunia, they changed the flower beds from the annual petunias to a mixture of perennials and annuals. Organizers could not have completed the task without the assistance of volunteers who have sponsored the beds through both planting and care giving. Sponsors include: from the left hand side of U.S. 2 heading West, starting at Subway: Kathie Vail, Don Schoffer, First Baptist Church, First United Methodist Church, Hiawatha Behavioral Health - Kari MacLean, St. Vincent de Paul – Bonnie Garvin, Mary Ellen Debelak, Joanne Wood, Verda Kreuzwieser, Jeannie Hermes, Gail Glendon, Julie and Ruth Ann Johnson, Jo and Alan Kilar, Lynn Olson, Darlene Gilroy, Terry Rodman. From the right hand side of U.S. 2 heading West, starting at Maple Street: Tom Broullire, Presbyterian Church, Louisa Kolch, Fresh from the Farm – Susan and Forrest Hedgelen, Sherry Krause, The Womens Club – Shirley Leitgeb, Jackie Bruce. Additional areas include: Fifth Street, Jan Wright and Rose Wood; Zephyr, Patsy Berger; Linderoth’s Sales & Service, Brenda Fleck; Habitat for Humanity, Gwen and Gary Sample; the stop sign at River and Elk streets intersection, Pat Ann Ozanich; the butterfly and circle, Roseann Weber; Water Tower, Andrea Wedegartner and Jackie Bruce; the “M” flower bed, Linda Eimerman; Bandshell, Robin Mulligan; Trader’s Point, Ginger Stark; City Hall and Manistique Marina, Deb Dougovito; Chamber of Commerce, Connie Diller; and Senior Center, Connie Frenette. DSCF3824.JPG