Over the years, the building located at 201 South Cedar Street on the corner of Walnut and Cedar has taken on many roles. It’s marketed televisions, gifts, women’s accessories, flowers, and was even the home to the Pioneer Tribune. After months of anticipation, it has taken on its newest role as a Chinese restaurant. Converting the space to a stainless steel state of the art kitchen, with sit down dining, proved to be more of a challenge than anticipated, but owner Lily Lam couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. Lam previously owned and operated a restaurant in Liberty, S.C., prior to moving to Manistique. On Tuesday, she held her formal ribbon cutting and opened for business. From left to right are Schoolcraft County Chamber of Commerce Director Connie Diller, Chamber President Steve Strasser, Lily’s daughter Brianna Yang, Lily Lam and Manistique City Manager Sheila Aldrich. 9p1.jpg