The Bushido Karate Dojo recently competed in the 2012 annual A.A.U. State of Michigan Karate Championship held in Kalamazoo, MI. The Upper Peninsula was well represented with six students from the Bushido Dojo and three students from the Budokan in Escanaba. Competition was very strong and there were many sparring divisions decided in overtime as the match ups were very close. The same went for the Kata and weapons divisions, but the U.P. teams left with a very impressive collection of medals. They brought home 12 gold medals, six silver medals and five bronze medals for a total of 23. In addition, a fourth and a fifth place in the sparring and weapons divisions was earned. Front row, from left: Jacob Worthen, Dan Michalik, Joshua Worthen, Janay Burk, Brandi Highlund, Anthony Lemaster and J.J. Burk. Back row: Cathy Flores, Sensei Dave Flores, Wanda Lemaster, Chris Wilks, Matt Flores and James Flores. 37p1_0.jpg