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Pioneer Tribune Archive photo Pioneer Tribune Archive photo From the Oct. 13, 1983 edition, the Naturals singing group for the school year 1983-84 has been selected. This year’s group includes, front row, left to right: Keith Polkinghorne, director; Sue Bignall, ninth grade. Second row: Jerry Burnis, 11th; Molly Studinger, 10th; Matt Derber, ninth. Third row: Terry Tomiko, 11th; Gina Lauzon, 11th; Dave Mills, 11th; Lisa White, 12th; and Bob Mercier 10th. Not pictured is Juli Wagner, 12th.

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Came upon this article today

Came upon this article today while enjoying another issue of the Tribune. It put a smile on my face to see my little brother Terry Tomiko (RIP).