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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

We need county and, for that matter, city representation that is open and honest.

Paul Walker was on the board of the Schoolcraft County Chamber of Commerce at the same time he was on the Manistique City Council.

When the city council met to buy the chamber building, he voted for it without even an appraisal of its value, and, at the same time, he voted on the chamber board, voting to accept the city’s offer. This is wrong, and he had a clear conflict of interest, not to mention that there was no reason to buy the chamber building as the bank was not foreclosing on it.

He should have recused himself. We all know how that mess turned out, costing taxpayers thousands for the folly.

Craig Reiter, is the longest standing board member on the Schoolcraft County Economic Development Corporation. He sat at nearly every EDC and Schoolcraft Tourism and Commerce meeting. He encouraged the new STC entity to broaden its involvement and encouraged it to become a 501c3 non-profit to promote development in Schoolcraft County on behalf of the EDC.

He knew there were poor financial records kept by the EDC that had stalled getting audits completed way back to 2009 and probably before. He knew that, despite poor records that had been kept for years, the 2014 audit was finally completed. He knew that the STC and EDC, after the new board was put in place in 2017, began cleaning up the financial mess it inherited from the chamber of commerce and EDC.

The poor fiscal mismanagement of EDC, dates to when Craig, the city manager and the former mayor were all leading the EDC. When claiming that the current board caused these problems, Craig clearly misled the lawyers, misled his partner commissioners and misled you, the public. He, too, wasted a lot of taxpayer dollars.

I desire competent leadership in local government who will put community interests ahead of their own interests. I would support leaders who will collaborate/ cooperate with all parties. Leadership who will listen, seek information and make decisions that are good for the community and who have as a goal the long term success of Schoolcraft County and its people. People like Bill Vandagriff, John Shiner, and Larry Mersnick. Please vote for them Nov. 6.

Don’t forget Bill is a writein candidate for District 1. Bill Vandagriff. Write in his name and fill in the bubble next to it to make your vote count.

Bob Crumb


Dear Editor,

Cloverland Electric may owe you money, but does not want you to know. In September, more than 18,000 members were without power due to two strong wind storms.

These members may be due a credit on the $23.75 monthly facility charge. This is a billing practice started last winter when Hessel-area island residents complained to the MPSC that the power at their cabin was off and Cloverland would not go to the island and restore power.

The MPSC ordered Cloverland to issue a credit to the island residents but only if the member requested the credit. Cloverland will not volunteer this credit and does not want you to know about it. The member has to request the credit.

If Cloverland refuses, the member needs to contact the Michigan Public Service Commission and file a formal complaint.

Contact Cloverland at (800) 562-4953 and request your credit.

Todd Chapman

Sault Sainte Marie

Dear Editor,

“Kountry music with klass” – that’s the best way to describe the guys who performed for a large group from the Manistique Senior Center.

Thanks to the generous donations from many Manistique merchants, we were able to travel to the Munising Moose Family Center and enjoy the music of the Kountry Klass Variety Band.

The four-piece band came all the way from the Bay City area of Lower Michigan and entertained us with a variety of country and oldies music. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and really appreciated the opportunity.

Our heartfelt thanks goes out to all of the Manistique donors who made this trip possible. Your kindness did not go unnoticed.

Jeff Butler


Dear Editor,

Watching the attack ad that Jack Bergman is running against Matt Morgan, you’d think Morgan is a wild eyed radical. That’s utter nonsense, and Bergman knows it.

Morgan is a marine veteran with two tours in Iraq. He’s a gun owner and a hunter, and he does not want to confiscate our guns. Nor does he want to turn over our healthcare decisions to the government.

He has said that one of the great things about the health care provided by the Marine Corps was that it left medical decisions to him and his doctor. Don’t fall for Bergman’s lies.

Tom Gutowski

Elmwood Township, Mich.

Dear Editor,

Any applicant for a high-level job in a corporation must go through an extensive series of interviews, background checks, and psychological testing. This process can take weeks or longer.

The reason is the corporation wants to be assured as much as possible that the person they hire is mentally stable and not likely to reflect badly on the company, do it harm, and they can carry out the requirements and responsibility of the job that they are applying for.

The same is true for high-level jobs in government civil service, both federal and state.

The exception to this extensive testing is political figures who run for high office. During a campaign they can make outrageous claims, promises, statements or outright lies. Sometimes it is reported in the media, but often they get a pass.

In an ideal world, a person running for high political office would agree to go through a psychological profiling and make the results public. Realistically, that is not going to happen anytime soon.

Therefore, it is important for people who vote to pay attention to what the candidate is saying. Does it make sense? Is it credible? Does the person have a troubling history with telling the truth? Are they fit for the office that they are running for? Be an informed voter!

Richard Johnson


Dear Editor,

I support Bill Vandagriff for county commissioner from Schoolcraft County’s District 1. Bill is the right person to bring this community together while serving all of the interests of those in Schoolcraft County.

He will work positively and be proactive with our citizens, business leaders, and civic leaders to build a solid future for Manistique and Schoolcraft County. Bill Vandagriff is a person who fairly analyzes all of the facts and works with those around him to make the right decisions.

Bill loves this community and is eager to do what he can to make it a place you can be proud to live and work. On November 6, please write-in Bill Vandagriff in District 1.

As a write-in candidate, the election laws require you write-in his name on the ballot for county commissioner in District 1 and also fill in the bubble next to his name in order to make your vote count. It’s time for a change for the betterment of Schoolcraft County.

Please vote! This is your day to make a difference for our future.

Ann MacGregor


Dear Editor,

My name is Paul Walker, and I’m running for Schoolcraft County commissioner. My pledge to the voters of District 4 is to work effectively with both the public and all our elected officials to address problems throughout our county.

I believe in fiscal accountability, and having worked for the state of Michigan and serving on Manistique City Council, I know how budgets work. We cannot tax our way to prosperity, we must produce it. Furthermore, if elected, I promise to be the guardian of your hard-earned tax dollars.

I believe in teamwork in improving the quality of our law enforcement community, public schools, and effective economic development. The importance of safe infrastructure cannot be overstated, all of which will help establish a better quality of life for all our citizens.

I will always support our senior citizens who worked hard their entire lives, paid their taxes, and raised their families. I can’t help but reflect on what a wonderful community our senior citizens built for us; I’m committed to keeping the same promise for future generations. I believe in a hand up, not down – meaning we have more work to do for our most vulnerable individuals and families, and those who are suffering from drug addiction.

As a Marine Corps and Michigan National Guard veteran, I will always ensure our Schoolcraft County Veterans Affairs Board has the proper tools to serve our veterans. Schoolcraft County is home to many proud veterans, our veterans who served and those who made the ultimate sacrifice deserve our utmost respect and honor.

I’m committed to our community by volunteering and giving back. It’s not always about a paycheck, and for those who know me, know my actions in our community speak louder than words. If you allow me to serve, I will work hard every day, and I will never forget I work for the taxpayers of Schoolcraft County.

Paul Walker


Dear Editor,

I’ve been part of farming and agriculture all my life and choose to live in Schoolcraft County because of the rural values and morals found here. Voting is important to me and I’m not one to have someone tell me how to exercise this responsibility.

I listen to others to form my opinion. I believe Bill Schuette should be the next governor of Michigan because he listens to the rural communities and farmers. No matter how you choose to vote, please vote. The voice of rural communities and farmers are important to Michigan’s future.

Scott Nance, president


Farm Bureau

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