2018-10-11 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Ret. Sgt. John Walker

Well, with the fall monsoons upon us there is no doubt where we are as far as the weather goes. It is now so wet and there is so much water in places that you had better make plans for some ATV or 4-wheel activity if your hunting spot is back in that area called “the middle of nowhere. If the rain keeps up it could really make things interesting as fall moves along.

That is the bad news; the good news is that right now there are some really beautiful color areas out in the woods where you can enjoy the splendor God sends our way. What makes it all the more beautiful is all the ways that one that loves the outdoors gets to enjoy these colors. Believe it or not, some years the colors are just more outstanding than other years and this year is one of those where all the colors seem to be peaking at the right time for a perfect picture of fall.

I have always found it amazing how when enjoying the fall colors that the background seems to be the key to how they stand out. I have been out in the woods when it is a cloud covered gray day with beautiful cloud patterns that just seem to enhance the colors and make them really stand out. On other bright sunny days it is beautiful with a bright blue sky for a background where all the colors blend together to show off God’s amazing creations.

I have always felt it not only takes all the changing colors we have but what really makes the best picture is where you have some balsam and spruce trees with their sharp green foliage, with just maybe a pine tree mixed in, setting off all the colors. So it is that time of year to take a ride and enjoy the color before all the rain and maybe strong winds blows all the leaves down.

The fall fishermen are hitting the Manistique River heavy trying their luck with the fall fish runs. As I have said before, the fall season is one of the busiest there is up here in the U.P. It is one of those times of the year you wish you could be in twothree places at once. It is that time of year when you have to pick and choose which direction you want to go, in other words it is called prioritizing your life. Then a Yooper always runs into that one thing that kind of affects just how you can prioritize things and that is called work. But unless you are retired, I guess you will have to make the best of things and get out in the woods when you can.

Some of the bear hunters that received a permit this year have had some success but others with all the rain and crazy weather we have had are still waiting for hunter and bear to cross paths.

It is about the same for bow hunters that happened to come north for a few days of hunting and found nothing but cold-wet weather where sitting up in a tree can be a real bummer. But as the saying goes, even with the best made plans the one thing we cannot and do not control is the weather.

I am still waiting to see my first pat this fall and maybe when the leaves fall I will get to see one. Not that I am to worried about getting one but it would sure be nice to know there are still some out there.

I have been trying to get some things done at camp but it seems that old guy following me around does not seem to get things done the way he used to be able to 20 or so years ago. In fact, he can go to camp to spend the day working on things and when it comes time to head out he has to stop and check to figure out if he managed to get anything done. In fact, I have come to realize that that old guy had better make a check list just to remind him of what has to be done before the snow flies.

I guess he could blame it on the fact the days are getting shorter so you do not have as much time to get things done but it just may not be a valid excuse for the fact of being older than dirt and just maybe a little slower than he used to be. Usually when I get home Wifee asks me what I did at camp and I have to wonder, just what did I get done? But it is a known fact what was not accomplished this time will be waiting for me the next time I go up.

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