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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

We can agree?

I’m basically an Independent that leans toward Democrat. Even though we have different views, there are quite a few basic things that I believe we can agree on.

We stand for the Pledge and the National Anthem, we pay our taxes with grumbling, we join the military, and we would like it if others would try to understand why we believe what we believe. If we could be understood, our friends would find that we have lots in common in our vision for this country.

Big money is ruining politics because people with millions of dollars are influencing our elections. Do we really want someone elected because of rich donors?

We don’t want a Congress that serves as an extension of the rich.

Healthcare is so, so important to all of us so shouldn’t all citizens have equal healthcare and education?

The stock market is up, businesses can’t find workers. People who are willing to work should be paid a wage to support basic human needs – food, clothing, shelter.

We need a strong military but not at the expense of enriching weapon manufacturers. We should not promote war.

Many years ago, Congress voted for Social Security and Medicare which has served to insulate the elderly from poverty. These programs are paid for by taxes and don’t impact the national debt.

However, our government hasn’t been paying the interest on these holdings which they agreed to do!

We need a tax code for all Americans ... not just the rich. Our defense, public safety, education, healthcare, and infrastructure are important to all of us.

What do you think? Aren’t these values in common to all of us no matter if you are Independent, Democrat or Republican?

Karen Klaus


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