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50 years ago

August 8, 1968

Dutch elm disease, a problem in many Midwestern areas since 1950, has evidently started an invasion of the Schoolcraft County area. Norman W. Remington of Escanaba, an inspector with the plant industry division of the Michigan Department of Agriculture, reported last week he had spotted 15-20 diseased trees in the area between Cooks and the Big Spring. The blight was first reported last year with one case near Germfask being verified. Although the disease spread rapidly throughout much of the Midwest between 1950 and 1966, the only known instances in the Upper Peninsula were in Menominee County and near Sault Ste. Marie. Many trees die in the same season that the infection occurs. Some are killed within a few weeks. Only a few live longer than a second or third season.

Two sleeping bags were reported lost from a passing car last Friday. William Haugen of Neenah, Wis. told State Police the bags evidently fell off the car along US-2 to M-117, or on M-117 north to M-28. State Police also report that a blue plastic girl’s wallet, found July 4 at M-94 and County Road 442, is still unclaimed. A pair of glasses with a dark frame were found last Thursday near Thompson Creek. These items may be claimed at the local police post.

A basket of artificial flowers has been added to the scenery outside the First National Bank in Manistique, President Fred H. Hahne said he thought the display might encourage other local merchants with light poles in front of their establishments to join in dressing up the downtown district. Details on the display may be obtained from Mr. Hahne.

Three Delta County teenagers made a short-lived break from the Schoolcraft County Jail Monday night. The break occurred at 9:40 p.m. when Deputy Matthew Skarritt, who had taken the three out of their cells to clean the corridor, heard a screen being removed from the window. He went up and told the trio to get back in the cell, but instead they dashed passed him, down the stairs and out the back door. Two were picked up by State Troopers Robert Heikkila and Ron Parkinson about 10:15 p.m. by Mark Motors, the third appeared shortly thereafter at the jail and gave himself up. All three were back in their cells by 10:26 p.m.

35 years ago

August 11, 1983

A tractor malfunction caused a forest fire near Seney which consumed 55 acres this week. According to Joe Anthony, Department of Natural Resources fire officer, a DNR tractor driven by Max Lambert caught on fire around noon on Monday. Extremely dry conditions, coupled with high winds, spread the flames along M-28 four miles west of Seney. The tractor, which Anthony describes as a “burnt hulk” is estimated to have been worth approximately $125,000. Anthony said the vehicle appears to be a total loss. The fire was brought under control early Tuesday morning, Anthony said. Firefighting crews worked through Monday night building a fire line around the perimeter of the burn area and succeeded in keeping the blaze contained to the north side of the highway.

The Schoolcraft County Chamber of Commerce will be taking on a new image in upcoming weeks. The board of directors met recently to review the first six months of the chamber’s fiscal year. According to Marie Grover, chamber president, a financial shortage, in addition to the discontinuation of CETA funding, influenced a board decision to lay off Director Dixie Klagstad indefinitely. Grover said, while there is no chance of renewal of CETA funding, the chamber is exploring alternative funding programs. Meanwhile, she added, the 110 chamber members will be sent letters containing a proposal to charge a $50 assessment per member for the purpose of paying a director’s salary. Regardless of the future of possible funding programs, Grover said the chamber will be taking on a new role in the community. Rather than physically taking part in a few community projects, she explained the chamber could better serve the area by promoting events sponsored by area organizations and service clubs. The time, money and energy of the chamber will be used to promote the whole area, she said.

20 years ago

August 13, 1998

The Schoolcraft County Board of Commissioners have decided not to place a millage request for increased jail funding on the November General Election ballot. During a special meeting Tuesday afternoon, commissioners eventually agreed that they did not have a clear idea how much money is needed to address the manpower shortage at the county jail. The special meeting was called after Sheriff Gary Maddox informed the board last month about a letter from the Michigan Department of Corrections. The letter said the jail does not have enough officers on guard for a two story building and informed Maddox that the state attorney general’s office would force the facility to comply with staffing rules. Maddox said if another two or three fulltime deputies aren’t added to the payroll, he could not meet the state’s staffing requirements and the jail could be closed.

The Manistique Post of the Michigan State Police received a newly-assigned state trooper. Sharon A. Denk was one of 94 recent graduates of the 116th Michigan State Police recruit school. Her patrol duties began July 27. Other new state troopers include former Manistique residents Richard Cole, Lori Meyer and Jason Varoni.

10 years ago

August 14, 2008

Their location, deep in the woods far north of Manistique, might be remote, but that hasn’t stopped Camel Riders Restaurant and Resort from building a base of loyal customers who are always ready to journey into the Chain of Lakes area of the Hiawatha National Forest for a visit and a meal. That loyalty also earned the restaurant a nomination for the latest “Caught Red-Handed” Award. The honor, recognizing area businesses that are literally caught in the act of providing outstanding service, is presented by the Friday Group, an informal coalition of officials working on community promotion and development.

On hand to receive their certificate were owners Frank and Sonia Ott, along with Branden Barabas, Margie Holtom and Linda McGuigan.

Upper Peninsula members of the Forgotten Eagles stopped at the Schoolcraft County veterans’ memorial last Thursday during their fifth annual motorcycle Ride Around Michigan. The event is an awareness campaign for veterans’ and POW issues and a fund-raiser for the Michigan Veterans Trust Fund. After completing a circle tour of the U.P., the group headed south to meet with participants from other chapter rides at Houghton Lake and take part in a final ceremony at Mt. Pleasant.

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