2018-08-09 / News

UP health report covers status of all 15 counties

MANISTIQUE – Six Upper Peninsula health departments and 26 community partners recently announced the release of a first-ofits kind Community Health Needs Assessment covering all 15 U.P. counties. The 350-page report, now available online, provides information on the health status of the U.P.’s 310,000 residents.

The newly-published CHNA is the culmination of an 18-month project led by local health departments in collaboration with hospitals, behavioral health agencies, and health foundations. It includes data on health across a person’s lifespan, access to care, community issues like drug abuse, and results from an extensive health survey conducted last August.

Stakeholders will use the data to inform residents, identify priorities for community health improvement, and measure changes over time.

“The county-level data provided by this assessment is rarely found in rural areas such as the Upper Peninsula, giving our health departments and all stakeholders the ability to identify priorities and focus on finding meaningful solutions to each community’s most pressing needs,” said Nicholas Derusha, LMAS District Health Department health officer. “This local data will help us make the best use of limited resources and provide us with new opportunities to bring additional services and funding to our region.”

For more information and to view or download the report, including individual county reports, visit www.WUPHD.org/upchna.

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