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Senior Center

Connie Frenette

Although it is a little way off, if you are interested in the Larry Gattlin Christmas Show bus trip, please let us know. They will only hold the tickets for a limited amount of time. Our plans are to go to the show on Dec. 14. The cost is $35, which includes a ticket to the show, along with transportation. We will be leaving the Senior Center parking lot at 5 p.m., allowing time to stop and have dinner (Dutch). This show will definitely put you in the Christmas spirits. We currently have 10 paid to go, and I am in hopes of having at least 18. The count has to be in by Aug. 1.

Have you picked up your Project Fresh Coupons yet? If you have an income under $22,311 for a household of one or $30,044 for a twoperson household, you qualify for “free” coupons that can be used at any Farmers Market located in Michigan that have a “Project Fresh” sign posted. Coupons are valued at $20. To qualify, you must be age 60 or older and a resident of Schoolcraft County.

Forms are available at the Senior Center. All you need to do is bring your proof of income. If you would like to receive these coupons, we ask that you come to the Center any day but Tuesday, as Tuesdays are very busy with bingo.

We are excited to announce the Feeding America Food truck is going to continue for at least another two months. The dates are July 25 and Aug. 29. If you would like Public Transit to deliver your food to your home, they ask that you call them at least two weeks in advance due to the quantity of requests. They can be reached at 341-2111. For further information about the program contact Good Neighbors (Margo Withey) at 341-3927.

Community Action Agency Community Surplus Food Program will be held at the VFW Hall on Aug. 2. You must be 60 years or older and be pre-registered. Public Transit will deliver for $4 per box by calling 341-2111. Call CAA at 341-2452 to register.

The Emergency Food Assistance Program, provided by CAA, which is available for all ages will be held on Sept. 13. This will also be held at the VFW.

Do you have difficulty hearing on the phone? CaptionCall offers two no-cost solutions to help you use the telephone with confidence. The CaptionCall phone and the Caption- Call mobile app for an IPad.

Both are free. Both provide amplification and display captions of your callers’ words so you can hear and read what they say.

How can CaptionCall be free? As a provision of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the U.S. federal government established a fund to give individuals with hearing loss access to captioned telephone service at no cost.

To order a free CaptionCall phone, you simply have to contact your hearing-care or healthcare provider and ask them to complete and submit the professional certification form and fax or email it to (888) 779-5838 or go to certification@captioncall.com. For assistance, please call customer support at (877) 557-2227.

The CaptionCall service is also available through a mobile app for your iPad. It lets you make and receive calls from your iPad anywhere you have an internet or mobile connection. CaptionCall Mobile requires an account, an Apple iPad 2 or later, and a Wi-Fi or cellular Internet connection. If you qualify, you can receive the CaptionCall phone, CaptionCall Mobile or both.

Miscellaneous donations were received by Linda Fleischer, Liz Owens and Susan Hartley. Erin and Tim Russell donated decorations to the Center. Vera Cones, Arleeta and Harless Clemons and Bill Cones volunteered to prepare the “Timepiece” newsletter for mailing.

Leon and Dorothy Duquette once again were very generous to the Center. They have been donating paper products for years. I am talking small plates, Styrofoam and plastic cups, napkins, etc. They have also given several large donations, including a wireless microphone and the large television in the big room. We sincerely thank you for your kindness.

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