2018-06-07 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Ret. Sgt. John Walker

Well, here we are into the month of June, so this means the summer season is now in high gear. Our Yooper summer weather is what makes it so nice up here when you have cooler nights made for perfect sleeping and then nice warm days so you can enjoy all your activities. There is no doubt in my mind that if you want your kids or grandkids, if you are our age, to have some good memories make sure you take them on a few camping trips. Later in life when you get together you can almost count on them recalling the great times they had.

Speaking of camping and summer activates I was down at our daughter’s this week talking to our granddaughters when one of them (nine-years old) told me she had went kayaking. Being an old game warden I asked her if she had a life jacket on. She told me that the people that owned the kayaks had forgotten them. I informed her that if you do not have a life jacket you do not even think of going out in a kayak. Her mother was standing there and reinforced what I had said.

Life is rather interesting because a couple minutes later I was checking the U.P. on-line at TV-6 and the headlines were about the two kayakers getting in trouble out on Lake Michigan and one drowning. I had the granddaughters read the article to show them that what mom was saying was for a reason.

I don’t think I have ever heard and read about all the encounters people have had with wild animals as I have this year. There have been a number of encounters with bear and one case of a cougar attacking some mountain bikers in which one of them was dragged off by it. You have to remember that wild animals will always be wild animals no matter how docile they may seem. Always remember when out in the woods you are venturing into their world so respect them when you see them.

This and the fact when one of the mountain bikers got dragged off by the cougar his buddy managed to reach someone on his cell phone. The only problem was when they asked him where he was he really had no idea. You see if you are traveling through the woods in a strange area there are no mile markers and very few reference points telling you where you are.

In our case up here, there are so many lakes that there are times tourist type fishermen have no idea where they are or what lake they are out on. I have always taught students when going out in the woods somewhere make sure someone knows where you are and about what time to expect you back. There is an old saying, “You can never be too safe”.

Also remember it does not always have to be something like those above, it can be where you are traveling on your ATV or by other means and just experience a mechanical breakdown and end up having to hoof it out to the nearest road wherever that may be. In my travels while working more than once I have run across people late at night trying to get back to their cabin on foot without even a flashlight to use. There is another old proverb that says, “When having fun always expect the unexpected”.

What a difference from where we live up here as close to a perfect world as you can get compared to down where two of our kids live. I cannot imagine going out on a lake with hundreds and hundreds of boats on it on a nice weekend day during the summer. You know there are a lot of boats out on the water when the boat launch parking lot is full and so is the 40 acre field next to it with vehicles with boat trailers. You wonder at times where they can all find a safe place to operate. Of course a lot of them find a place on the water where they all tie up to each other and form an island of people and boats. This must be the city crowd that is used to living shoulder to shoulder with no room between each other. It almost makes me think they are at an amusement park with as crowded as it is.

I still say give me a lake up here where when you see two-three other boats you wonder where all the people came from. Give me the wide open spaces where you can still hear the Loons, see an Eagle fly over the lake, and the most noise you hear is made by a kayak paddle. Give me those evenings where the loudest thing you hear is a marshmallow cooking over the fire pit. Man! That is my kind of living.

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