2018-05-10 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Ret. Sgt. John Walker

Well, it sure is nice out in the woods right now especially if you are away from the effects of winds off the Great Lakes and seeing there are really not any bugs out there to pester you yet. The woods are waking up right now and you can see where there was any activity last fall through some of the areas. I could also see where some of the deer had migrated back through the area heading up north.

We will soon be into the “tick” season so be prepared and be ready for it. I went to an auction last weekend down in Wisconsin and in talking to the man who was having it I found out he had worked for the Wisconsin DNR and came down with Lyme disease and had to take an early retirement on account of how it affected him.

I will say that it is still super dry in some areas and a lot of the bigger mud holes that are usually full of water this time of year are bone dry. They are calling for some rain tonight and later in the week but until we get some real good soaking rains, be real careful out in the woods.

I also noticed that the water level in some of the trout streams is real low right now so the trout should be in some of the deeper holes along the bank. At times this could make for some real nice fishing for this early in the season.

They are catching a few perch off Garden in the morning but from what I hear they are not really setting the world on fire and most fishermen are hoping it improves. I guess like most hunting and fishing success it is all in the timing. You don’t want to waste your time being too early but you sure don’t want to hear those famous words, “You should have been here yesterday.”

As the fishing season gets into full swing take the time to make sure that all your safety equipment is in good working order. You would be amazed how often we checked some of the life jackets people were carrying on their boat only to find out they were shot and no longer were of any use in an emergency. So take the time to check yours out.

Seeing Mother’s Day is coming this weekend, while out at camp it got me thinking about how fortunate I was growing up with the mother I had. And it also got me thinking about how lucky so many youth growing up in the back woods like I did have a mother they should be so thankful for.

Where else could a youth find a mother that liked to hunt or at least support those that did, liked to fish and go camping out at the lake. Where else could you find a mother that figured out how to cook over an open fire and figured that smores were manna from heaven? Where else could you find a mother that had to do how many extra loads of wash after you went frogging or managed to get stuck in a mud hole and came home covered with mud from head to toe?

Where else could a mom go down in the basement and find a wash tub full of frog eggs because you and your buddies figured you would go into the frog raising business. Where else but up here in God’s country could you find a mother that put up with the biggest kid in the family (dad) when he talked us kids into catching the deer mice living in the cook stove at camp. Putting the deer mice in a jar, then taking them home and asking mom if you could keep them for pets. Of course you don’t have to think too hard to know what mom’s answer was.

So when you really stop and take some time to think about the mom’s so many of us had growing up we sure had to figure we lucked out when God gave us the mother he did. So if your mother is still around take the time to make this Mother’s Day special for her and if she is no longer here for you do something special, just take the time to recall how you were blessed with the mother you had and whisper a big thank-you for what you had in growing up.

Like I have often said in my articles, life is good, so take the time to get out in the woods and enjoy it. Remember even with the price of so many things costing way more than they used to, enjoying life and the things it offers is still free.

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