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50 years ago

April 11, 2068

-Manistique’s National Guard unit returned home Tuesday about 2 p.m. after being called to active duty for riot control in downstate areas. The two platoons, part of Co. D., 107th Engineer Bn., were stationed in Lansing during the emergency, and saw no actual riot duty. With Lt. Howard Handorf in command, the 60- man unit left about 1:30 a.m. Saturday in a truck convoy. They were housed in the Lansing armory during their stay.

-Attorney General Frank Kelly moved Monday to prevent the abandonment of a ferry run by the Ann Arbor Railroad and on stoppage of freight service by the Minneapolis and Lake Superior Railroad. Kelly was able to hold up the termination of the Ann Arbor train service between Frankfort and Manistique and the freight service by the Manistique and Lake Superior Railroad between Manistique and Doty by his appeal to the I.C.C. The railroad asked to discontinue the ferry service because it is a losing proposition, Kelly stated that while present operations are conducted at a loss, evidence shows that abandonment of the ferry service will not result in any service to the Ann Arbor Railroad. Business interests located in Manistique would have no other facilities by which to ship such commodities as coal and scrap irons Kelly said. He asked the commission to refer its findings and deny the request of the two railroads.

-Work has started on the new elementary school, immediately adjacent to the existing Lakeside School, and board of education members were on hand Monday for a brief ground-breaking ceremony. Members present were Mrs. Jeanne Larson, Norman Jahn, Robert Orr, President Denton Nelson, Supt. Edwin Wuehle, Ralph Gillam, Mrs. Margaret Waters and Earl LeBrasseur.

-A Manistique High School senior won the top prize in the annual Northern Michigan Science Fair held Saturday in Marquette. Karl S. Johnson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Johnson, 223 Main St., took first place in the 10-12 grade competition at Northern Michigan University with his exhibit on “Gas Chromatography.” His prize is an all expense paid trip to Detroit to compete in the National Science Fair there May 15-18. Karl, who was accompanied to the fair by Mr. Earl Williamson, his chemistry teacher, has also received a certificate from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration for outstanding achievement in recognition of creative scientific endeavor in aerospace research, as well as a letter of commendation from the U.S. Air Force.

35 years ago

April 14, 1983

-The Hiawatha Township Board approved its budget for the 1983-84 fiscal year April 7, which sets aside $75,000 to be used for starting up a township fire department. Currently, Hiawatha relies on the City of Manistique’s department for fire protection. This costs the township $2,000 a year plus $400 for every fire call made. People in Hiawatha decided to follow the example of Cooks and organize their own volunteer fire squad. There are 22 men taking a 66-hour training course that will end in June. It is being taught locally by Vern Annelin and involves first aid, firefighting tactics, use of equipment, how to handle toxic materials and other necessary skills. When the training is over, the men will be tested to see if they meet state standards for a fire department. If they pass, they can draw up a charter and elect officers. If the volunteer fire department gets off the ground, it will be a separate entity, unconnected to the township government.

-Schoolcraft County will hire a new sheriff’s deputy to guard the upstairs section of the jail this week. He will be paid with money taken away from the Department of Social Services, as a result of action taken by the county board of commissioners Tuesday night. On Friday, Tom Shampine is scheduled to start work as a second story guard at the county jail. Hiring another guard is one of the changes recently demanded by the state corrections department. Shampine, a Hiawatha Township resident, has worked with the sheriff’s department for several years as a deputy. He was employed full-time in 1981, then worked part-time with the department until he was chosen as the new guard. The initial $14,500 of Shampine’s salary will be shifted out of the county’s $18,000 allocation to the social services department. Last year, the DSS did not use any of the county appropriation.

20 years ago

April 9, 1998

-More than four years after the original gas leak, cleanup efforts on and around the Holiday Gas Station property continue to slowly move forward. Charles Wheeler, a geologist with the state’s Department of Environmental Quality, said groundwater cleanup continues at the River Street site and is expected to last until the year 2000. A gas leak at the station in February 1994 resulted in the evacuation of an eight-unit apartment building to the southwest of the Holiday property. The building’s owners, Bob and Gloria Ebli, and the residents eventually received a settlement from the Minneapolis-area company, which obtained the apartment building at 110 Main Street.

-Officials with North Woods Home Nursing and Hospice of Manistique announced Tuesday, April 14, that they have sold their downtown office building to the MFC First National Bank. The Marquette-based bank is planning to open a branch in Manistique, with the office to be run by Wendy Beckman. Along with the sale agreement, North Woods signed a long-term lease to keep its offices in the building. Julie Mallard, director of outreach and community service for the home health care company, said North Woods will keep its offices in the back part of the building, with the bank occupying the front.

10 years ago

April 10, 2008

-The Manistique Area Schools will be changing to an all-day kindergarten program next year. Wasting no time during a brief special meeting Monday night, the Board of Education voted 6-0 to switch from half-day to fullday kindergarten classes - a move expected to cost the district up to $70,000.

-13-year-old Haley Marie Norton of Cooks is continuing to burn up the felt in pool competition. Norton has been a regular fixture in the winners’ circles of Upper Peninsula tournaments for several years now. Last weekend she did it again, taking first place in the 12-to-14 year old division at the tenth annual Gary Shane Memorial youth pool tournament in Negaunee. Haley is the daughter of Randy and Sue Norton and granddaughter of Lee Raredon.

-A portion of County Road 440 (State Road) was shut down to deal with a spring high-water situation late Monday afternoon. It began with a blocked culvert on a private drive, which caused water to start backing up during last weekend’s warm spell. Once the water was freed, it washed out a portion of the road. Attempts by the Schoolcraft County Road Commission to make repairs collapsed the culvert running underneath the road, forcing it to be closed. Crews worked through the night, repairs were completed, and the road reopened Tuesday morning.

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