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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Every once in awhile a person comes into your life that makes a difference and is a true friend. She is dependable, listens without judgement, sits next to you during a difficult time without speaking, and just shows friendship, strength and support.

Today, I lost that friend. I’m writing this with hopes that your readers could aspire to be this kind of friend. Leanne Trebilcock, I will miss you.

Your Friend,

Cindy Pawley

Dear Editor,

I keep hearing that Democrats are so busy opposing Trump that they are failing to say what they are for. OK.

Here are a few things this Democrat favors.

Job creation. That’s done through strengthening demand by putting money in the pockets of the middle class, not by giving obscene tax cuts to the rich.

Universal healthcare. No one, especially a child, should die because they can’t afford medical care.

A minimum wage that enables people with full time jobs – including food service workers – to pay for basic food, clothing and shelter.

A progressive tax code, where the rich pay their fair share.

Properly funded traditional public schools.

Keeping Social Security and Medicare intact.

Effective border security, not a $25 billion dollar wall.

Sanctity of the ballot box – no gerrymandering, secure voting procedures, and protection of our electoral process from outside interference.

A strong, but not wasteful, military; some of what we spend has less to do with national security than with lining the pockets of defense contractors.

An effective, but humane immigration policy. Deport bad guys, but quit ripping families apart by deporting people who have been here since age two.

A free press.

Clean air and water.

Job training for workers displaced by globalization or by the changeover to renewable energy.

Getting big money out of politics.

And a U.S. representative who – unlike Jack Bergman – is beholden to his constituents, rather than to a few major donors.

And a president who sets a good example, tries to unite instead of dividing, and doesn’t make policy by tweeting.

You may disagree with any of the above. If you’d like to have a civil discussion about it, I’m all for it. But if you just want to shout “lock her up” and “Benghazi”, I don’t think we’re going to get anywhere.

Tom Gutowski

Elmwood Township, Mich.

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