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50 Years Ago February 15, 1968

• Voters in the Manistique Area School district will go to the polls Friday in a special election to decide the question of approving a special 5.5 mill levy for a one year period for operation purposes. It will be the third time in less than a year that the school district has sought extra operating funds. Two earlier requests for 5 mills were defeated last year. If approved, the 5.5 mill levy will be used to restore cuts made in the school operating budget this year that forced all extra--curricular activities onto a volunteer basis. It will help to hire additional teachers to cut the class size, eliminate this year’s anticipated $20,000 deficit, restore guidance and counseling services, and put an end to the instructional fees that were instituted last year. Unlike the other two proposals that failed, this request has received a variety of endorsements.

• Councilman Leo DeMars said Monday night that he would not be a candidate for re-election this year unless the city council “quits holding their meetings in the back room.” DeMars said, “If we can get these meetings out on the floor, where they belong, then I’ll run again, but I won’t if they keep having them in the back room.” He said that the council met in the city manager’s office at 6:30 each meeting night and made most of the decisions before the meeting began formally at 7:30. “Figure it out for yourself,” he said. “We’re in there for an hour, and then the actual meeting takes only half an hour. I’ve heard it said many times, ‘There’s no reason for the newspapers to get this.’” Both Mayor Thor Reque and City Manager Robert Noe denied the charge of “closed meetings.” “We take care of routine business,” Reque said, “and anybody is welcome at any time. It is not an executive committee in any sense of the word.” Noe said that most of the time is used to brief councilmen on problems that may have arisen, or to suggest projects that should be considered by the city. He said he felt it was necessary to get council reaction to many projects before actually proposing them.

• Bill Hentschell of Manistique took over the singles lead in the first weekend of the Upper Peninsula Elks bowling tournament being held on the local lanes as he fired a 652. Two local teams were also among the leaders in the team events, with the Ethiopians in first place with a 2906 total and Savings Assurance Agency in third place with 2803. In between was Negaunee team No. 1, with 2823. These marks will come under heavy fire during the weekends of the next two months, with about 35 teams yet to bowl in the tournament.

35 Years Ago February 17, 1983

• Manistique’s city employees finally got their paychecks Tuesday, four days after the scheduled Feb. 11 payday. A $26,000 cash transfusion for work the city has done on US-2 and rebates on gas and use taxes enabled the city to meet its $25,000 payroll. City Manager Charles Varnum said he was faced with a choice of wither paying bills to companies that supply goods to Manistique or paying the workers. He opted to pay the suppliers, which Varnum said got the city’s accounts cleared up through December. Varnum now plans to appeal to the state government to declare Manistique an emergency area which would be exempt from delays in state aid payments. He will point to the payless payday as evidence. The city is expecting $40,000 from the state, but this may be held back.

• Former Manistique resident Beverley Henrichsen has won a 1982 United Press International broadcast award for a five-part documentary on “Domestic Violence.” The series dealt with the problems confronting professionals who come in contact with abused persons, the effects on the victims, and the economy’s influence on the problem. The statewide competition was open to all radio and television broadcasters in Michigan and drew nearly 200 entries. Henrichsen is news director of WDMJ radio in Marquette. Bev is the daughter of Eva and Lawrence Burrell.

• Pepsi may be “the drink that beats the others cold,” but the company will be looking for some Hotshots in Schoolcraft County this weekend. The Schoolcraft County Kiwanis Club will be running the Pepsi Challenge/NBA Hotshot competition Saturday, Feb. 19 beginning at 9 a.m. in the high school gymnasium. The contest is open to all boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 18 who have never played on a varsity basketball team. The object is to score as many points as possible by sinking baskets from a number of different spots.

20 Years Ago February 19, 1998

•The Manistique Area Schools Board of Education voted Monday, Feb. 16, to reinstate an eighth-grader who previously was expelled for bringing a knife to school. Superintendent Kenneth Groh said the district will readmit the boy to the Manistique Middle School on March 30. The board approved the measure following a closed session discussion. In April 1977, the boy was expelled for 180 days after several of the boy’s classmates told school officials he showed them a hunting knife. The board voted to expel the student in accordance with the Michigan School Code, which calls for the automatic expulsion of any student who brings a weapon to school.

•Schoolcraft County’s Michigan State University Extension Office Director David Andersen presented $25 and $50 savings bonds to Manistique High School students Laura Staples and Jason Boyd for their winning entries in the extension office’s logo contest.

•A chili cook-off contest at Teddy’s Pub Friday, Feb. 6, was judged by Mike Gray, Ron Ford, John Smith, Roger Irie and Ken Krueger. The event raised $2,600 for the Academic Booster Club. Joani Schnurer of Gulliver took first place while Anthony Palumbo took second place in the contest.

10 Years Ago February 14, 2008

• Nearly 100 people packed into the tiny Fairbanks Township Hall last Saturday night to discuss a “wind farm” proposed for the Garden Peninsula. A representative of the company developing the $150 million project said most of the questions asked by local residents are the same questions they’re asking as they conduct their preliminary studies. The company, Heritage Sustainable Energy based out of Traverse City, has been working on their project for approximately a year, after identifying the Garden Peninsula as a possible candidate for a wind farm. At this point, Heritage partner Rick Wilson said, it’s not even known if the Garden Peninsula is a viable location for wind-generated electricity.

• The 2007-2008 Manistique High School boys’ swim team claimed the school’s second consecutive Mid-Peninsula Conference Championship with an exciting two-point victory over Westwood last week. Team members are: Cole Demers, Spencer Burns, Joel Smith, Scott Clark, Trevor Birr, Marcus Bosanic, Luke Mooi, Kyle Loup and Cody Kayser. The Emeralds are coached by Beth Aldrich.

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I really enjoyed reading that

I really enjoyed reading that Leo Demars, was not going to run again, as the problems going on with "meetings going on in the back room" Seems like Manistique has had a lot of this.........I grew up in Manistique;graduated from Manistique High in 1958, and was proud of the elected people at that time. Suffice to say, I know of two people who resigned from the City Council "their WORDS, not mine, because of the crookedness of city and their morals wouldn't let them agree.