2018-02-15 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Ret. Sgt. John Walker

Well, for one, I am sure going to be ready when the warm spring time weather comes our way. Needless to say I am ready to trade in the below zero nights we have been having. I know some of it has to do with my age and the fact I seem to get older with each passing year. But then again when you live up here in the U.P. winter has always been a fact of life.

I have to laugh in my Yooper way when you see all the snow that has passed through south of us as we sat up here in the U.P. with cold but sunny days. In some places 300 miles south they received more than a foot of snow.

If there is one job that most of us take for granted that I would not like to have with the real cold weather along with the wind and ice it is delivering the mail day in and day out. You can bundle up to start out in the morning but as you walk and it warms up some you are caught with either being too warm or too cold. Add to this the ice and just maybe you will appreciate more what your mail delivery person does for you.

There are a good number of snowmobilers out taking advantage of all the snow we have right now seeing that February is usually one of the main months for snowmobiling.

It is really interesting when you figure that when March gets here the days you can snowmobile can be iffy. A lot of days in March you can run early in the mornings but as the day warms up it gets hard to get off the trails and go cross country. But then again I wonder how many snowmobilers really travel off the trails and go cross country anymore.

There are some winter activities coming up here in our town and also over in Naubinway this month where there is a relic snowmobile show. In reading about this activity it is apparent that not only is someone my age classified as a fossil, or an antique, but now one can be classified a relic too. Of course there are times when on a cold February morning when you try to get your body in gear and moving you could well be classified all three at once.

I have always been amazed how there can be something that has been done for years that all of a sudden with the new generation coming along it no longer has any value. The case in point this year is something I always enjoyed keeping track of during a hard winter was what was called “The “Winter Severity Index”. When this was done they kept track of snow depth and cold weather to figure out how hard the winter was on the deer herd. It was then released so the sportsmen had an idea how the weather was affecting our deer herd.

From what I understand the DNR for some reason no longer does this and keeps the public informed and I personally feel it was a good tool to show the public how the winter was affecting the deer herd. From what I see some other states still feel this is important and continues to do it.

Some people are already reporting some dead deer but one does not really know if the cold winter weather is the cause or there were other factors that just hurried things along. It will be interesting what the next month or so holds and how soon the warmer weather comes to stay telling us the spring breakup time is on the way. Hopefully we have an early spring this year.

I don’t know how many of you realize it but the west side of our city is booming! Do you realize we now have our own barber shop here in town so a person does not have to travel to Escanaba to get a haircut! It makes it nice and convenient and everyone I have talked to likes our new barber.

Then the other day I had a major, or should I say an almost a major crisis. After a mere 40 years my good leather belt had the stitching fall apart. So here I sit wondering how to solve my problem when I drove by on Houghton Ave the other new business here on the west side of town. Up on Houghton in the old store on the corner of Houghton and Bear street an upholstery shop has opened. I figured I had nothing to lose so I stopped and ask the lady there if she had a sewing machine that could repair my belt and she did. So the bottom line is my pants appear to be safe for another 40 years.

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