2018-02-08 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Ret. Sgt. John Walker

Well, this has to be one of those weeks when a person my age ought to put on his electric socks and his new electric jacket so at least he will feel nice and comfortable just in case he may decide to leave the house and venture outside. Needless to say whenever we get a long cold snap like the one this week,we can only hope this is the last one for the year. But then you stop and think that it is just the first week of February so one can only wonder what else is coming our way this winter.

One thing for sure there has been a few days of good ice making weather this week and this is good because there are a number of fishing contests coming up. There have been a few brave ice fishermen that have ventured out on the ice and they have managed to catch a few fish.

I was telling one of the fishermen that was fishing out on Indian Lake this winter that there ought to be a whole lot of fish in Indian Lake because so many of the older crew of fishermen that basically lived out on Indian Lake during the winter are not around anymore. When I told him a few of the names of the older crew he just laughed and told me I had a good point.

I also heard a first for me this week when someone told me one of the fishermen they were out fishing with slipped on the ice and broke their leg. Believe it or not with all the years I spent out on the ice and checking hundreds and hundreds of people out on the ice, I cannot recall where someone fell and broke their leg.

One thing with the snow and the weather we have had there is now enough snow that the snowmobilers are able to travel all around the U.P. It is amazing some of the snowmachines that are out there now and you really seem to notice them especially when you were around when snowmobiling first became popular. Some of the machines back then were both a challenge to ride and to keep running. Now snowmobiling is a whole different world.

There has been such a rash of snowmobile accidents this winter there has been a warning put out to slow down and watch your drinking because a large number of accidents are caused by one or both of these. There were also three lucky snowmobilers that were lucky when their snowmobiles went through the ice on Munising Bay. They managed to get up on the ice and were rescued by an air boat. There has been numerous warnings about the ice on this bay and other areas so be careful when running on the ice because there is always a danger when doing this.

One thing I have to say about living up here is the fact we may get cold spells like we are going through this week and may get a ton of snow at times but rarely do we get rain and snow where the roads can become an ice rink. The first part of the week we received word that there was a 100 car (truck) pile up down where Wifee is from.

Then that same night we received word there was a big pile up down in Iowa were one of our granddaughters lives and works. It makes one thankful that we live in an area where if we do get bad roads most people are used to driving on them so slow down and be careful.

In talking to our son that lives out in eastern Pennsylvania he told us they have a system where when winter weather hits and the roads are bad they post a 45 mile an hour speed limit on the expressways. I asked him how many drivers pay attention to the lower speed limit. He said a high percent do because the penalty is so high if you get caught speeding when the speed restrictions are on that you would have to mortgage the farm if you got caught.

What a novel idea of law enforcement!

When you stop and think about all the things you did in your younger years without even stopping to think about what the consequences may be it is amazing you made it into old age. Of course it maybe was a good thing when you stop and think your life’s work consisted of driving on roads under all conditions, running all over on the ice both on the Great Lakes and inland lakes and rivers. Even when you were out in a boat in all kinds of weather conditions and for those that wanted to fly even when the weather was not the best doing search and rescue as part of your job.

If someone should ask, your outlook on life does change with the passing of the years.

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