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Dinner Diva

Leanne Ely

Leanne Ely Leanne Ely As the weekend is about to happen, I go off script if you will (skip my usual smoothie) and hop into a breakfast state of mind. I am one of those people who thinks eggs happen to be divine.

Throw in some bacon, some sautéed spinach, a little sliced avocado and you’ve just served me one of my favorite meals!

Here are some things to know about eggs.

First of all, runny yolks means it is much healthier than when it’s blended up and hardened into scrambled eggs.


Well, that yolk is full of nutrients, most notably lutein and zeaxanthin, which are two nutrients known for feeding your eyes and keeping macular degeneration at bay. Those two nutrients get zapped in scrambled eggs, but not when the yolk is runny.

And let’s debunk that whole cholesterol myth once and for all--

Did you know the whole “high cholesterol” shaming of eggs happened decades ago based on dried egg yolk, not a whole egg?

It’s true – and that dried egg yolk is exactly what I’m talking about when it comes to scrambled eggs; the yolks are oxidized and oxidized cholesterol is an entirely different thing than regular cholesterol found in poached or soft boiled or any other kind of egg with a runny yolk.

Your cells need cholesterol for a whole host of reasons--the integrity of each cell membrane is cholesterol’s job.

Cholesterol is imperative for hormone function, vitamin D and bile acids that digest fat.

Cholesterol is responsible for the cognitive function of your brain, too.

There have been numerous studies debunking the cholesterol myth specifically in eggs: a study published in the Journal of Nutrition showed that one nutrient in eggs called phosphatidylcholine prevented cholesterol from entering the bloodstream.

It’s the difference between cholesterol and oxidized cholesterol- -that’s huge. So here’s to a breakfast of eggs and bacon this weekend!

I’ll take mine over easy!

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Leanne Ely is a NYT bestselling author and the creator of http:// SavingDinner.com, the original menu planning website, bringing families back to the dinner table for over 15 years.

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