2018-01-11 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Ret. Sgt. John Walker

Well, you have to admit it sure makes for a nice break when the good Lord gives us a couple of nice sunny days after the long cold spell we had. Whenever this happens for some reason smiles up here in Yooper land must be solar powered. You have to admit that life is a whole lot better whenever this happens even if the 10 day weather forecast may not be what you hoped for. In other words, remember it is still the first part of January and it will surely be a few more days-weeks-months before spring gets here. So enjoy each nice sunny day we have.

I have come to the conclusion that one of the best businesses to own at times during the winter up here is a good car wash. But the one thing missing is the need for a library right next to the car wash so you can check out a book and read it as you wait in line. The only hope for keeping your vehicle squared away for a few more years up here in the U.P. is a car wash with a good undercarriage wash, but even then life will manage to catch up with you and your dream vehicle as my Ford F-150 did when the frame rusted in half.

I have always said that up here in the U.P. there is a different kind of Yooper mentality. It seems that this trapper had some traps stolen so he contacted the local C.O. to report it. But it happens that when the party stole his traps he left behind a unique hat and a pair of sun glasses. So this trapper put his Yooper sluthfulness into gear and wears the unique hat and sun glasses around town. Sure enough within a week a party came up to this trapper and accused him of stealing his hat and sun glasses. The information was passed on to the C.O. who talked to the owner of the hat and sun glasses where he confessed to taking the traps.

I have always said that humans supposedly the brightest bulb out there have to make you wonder at times. I have always been amazed at how many deer hunters are out during deer season after a trophy buck that they know is working the area where they hunt. As luck and fate would have it sure enough they manage to bag this trophy buck. But then the problems start.

It seems that this hunter along with dozens of others each year throughout the state failed to purchase a deer hunting license before they went hunting. So the cases seem to vary where they either tag it with someone else’s tag, fail to tag their trophy buck all together, or go in and buy a deer license after the fact.

But there is always one fact that always rings true and that is if someone shoots a trophy buck it is almost impossible to keep things a secret. This is true for a number of reasons, first of all, the hunter himself wants to brag about the deer he got and has his picture taken with it. Second if he tells one person they will tell two others and pretty soon the word is out about the trophy deer killed, where and when.

So what happens in case after case, the word about the trophy buck makes a big circle right to the ears of the local game warden which leads to an investigation about the trophy buck. So many times when all the facts are collected and the dust or should we say snow settles, our hunter that managed to bag a once in a lifetime trophy buck not only loses his trophy but ends up in court all because he failed to purchase a hunting license before he went out hunting. Unreal how often this happens.

I was reading an article the other day that says the Porcupines Mountain area has received over six feet of snow since Christmas. When I read this I recall all the people that ask me when I retired if I was going to move back to my home town. My answer was always the same that there is no way I want to put up with all the snow they get up there. It is a well-known fact that more than 72 inches of snow could almost take the fun out of snow blowing.

Life is good right here where Wifee and I live with the amount of snow we get down here on the Riviera of the U.P. If I really want to see more snow I can take a ride up north or look at pictures of it.

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