2017-11-09 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Ret. Sgt. John Walker

Well, it is getting closer every day and the weather we have been having kind of reminds you of the time of year it is. In a perfect world we would have just enough snow for tracking during deer season then it would leave only to return so we had enough for a white Christmas and then leave once again. But I figure the odds of this happening are rather slim. Please understand that this is really my age talking.

In my travels I have observed a surprising number of small bucks mostly spikes but a few small forks too. It is a good sign if we have a mild winter and hunters will let some of the smaller bucks go so they can mature for next year. If you stop and think about it, there are enough that get hit by cars that it would be a big help to let some of the smaller bucks go.

In talking to hunters it seems this deer season will prove to be a lot better than we have had the last few years. To a lot of hunters it does not only count when you get your buck, but it does a lot for their frame of mind when they just see deer. Hunters have told me they seem to have five to six deer at least working their blind area and this fact does wonders in how they feel about their upcoming firearm deer season

Switching gears it seems there is an increase in the number of fishermen down at the river hitting the Black Bass Hole this year. It is nothing like those “good-olddays” but an increase just the same. It seems this old game warden for some reason cannot go across the river without looking for fishermen and checking to see how many vehicles are parked at the river. Some things in life just never change.

Speaking of hunters and fishermen it still totally amazes me how many people out there get caught taking part in these activities without buying a license or worse yet get caught out in the field using someone else’s license. It can be an expensive chance you take if you end up getting caught.

Also remember to wear your “hunters orange” gear because there are very few breaks given if you do not have any, it seems to be in the same category as when you get caught without your seat belt on. Just a word of warning from this old game warden on how the game is played.

I went by one of the places that sell sugar beets to hunters and they had a mountain of sugar beets there. I tried to figure out how many ice cream buckets of sugar beets are in that mountain of beets in their parking lot. I finally gave up seeing I was not smart enough to even figure out how many ice cream buckets were in each scoop they sold to the hunters. When you stop and figure a hunter has to find a way to get some sugar beets, a few apples, some corn, and in some areas pumpkins and maybe a cabbage into an ice cream bucket to take out and bait.

I thought of writing the DNR in Lansing and asking if they had an instruction book where hunters could take lessons in how to accomplish this unreal feat.

One thing I find totally amazing is for most of the summer in the areas where I travel out in the woods you have no cell service. But come fall and deer season for some reason you have good cell service. This is great because I can let Wifee know what I am doing or if I will be late getting started home. I would seriously recommend all hunters have a cell phone as much as a compass whenever they go out in the woods.

One thing to remember is with your phone you also always have a good camera with you to take pictures of your trophy hunt.

As this time of year rolls around that is so special to a lot of us up here in the U.P. I have one suggestion for you. Make plans to make this deer season with family and friends the best season you have ever had. I suggest you treat this deer season like it will be the last one where you all can get together and enjoy each other because none of us know whether that last deer season will be the one you just had.

How many of us would give anything to be able to spend just one more deer season out at camp with dad once again. How many of us wish our children were still close enough so they could come and spend time with Wifee and me at camp once again. Life always goes through changes we may never expect or cannot control, so just make plans to make this deer season your best one yet.

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