2017-11-09 / News

Let’s ‘owl’ have a look

Courtesy photos Courtesy photos Students in Mrs. Dougherty’s first grade class at Emerald Elementary recently dissected owl pellets, the undigested remains of an owl’s prey. They searched through barn owl pellets to find and identify various small mammal and bird bones then sorted them on their bone charts. Above, pictured in front sitting, from left to right, are: Brandon Ash, Belyn Moulton, Zoe Holt, Mylie Lockhart, Micah Connin, and Emily Henry. Middle row: Carsyn Herbst, Trent Mason, Beckett Maline, Kelson Spettel, Gracie Perry, and Cruze Larson. Back row: Collin Herro, Brayden Lancour, Je’Mearious Phelps, Kayden Smith, Aleeya Anaya, Serenity Holbrook, and Cohen Dougherty. At right, Je’Mearious Phelps works on his dissection with his aunt, Terri Metty.

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