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50 Years Ago October 12, 1967

• Approval to advertise for bids for the new elementary school building was given at the regular meeting of the Board of Education of the Manistique Area Schools Tuesday night. Estimated to cost $210,000 the new building will provide seven classrooms to replace the old Lakeside School, and will be constructed directly to the north of that building.

• The Manistique Area Schools Board of Education will not ask voters for extra school millage until next year, the board decided at its regular meeting Tuesday night. Action was required Tuesday if the board had wanted to ask for millage in November or December. President Denton Nelson said that he felt the board should have more time to develop understanding of school problems and issues, and to also develop support before additional millage is again requested.

• A county budget totaling almost $250,000 was approved by the Schoolcraft County Board of Supervisors at their annual meeting here Thursday. The $249,845.03 total is $38,398.36 higher than this year’s budget total of $211,446.67. Biggest increases in the budget include a $15,000 provision for debt retirement, missing last year, and a $7,900 increase in the budget for the sheriff’s department. The sheriff’s increase was explained by the fact that he did not submit a budget estimate, and that this year’s expenditures will exceed last year’s budgeted figure of $18,100 by almost $8,000. This cost should be accurately reflected in the budget, the board agreed, rather than covered by supplemental appropriations later in the year.

• An Open House and dedication of the new Schoolcraft County Medical Care Facility is tentatively planned for Nov. 25 and 26, it was announced Monday by Harold O. Carlson, chairman of the county’s medical care facility committee. Tentative plans also call for the first patients to move into the new structure, adjacent to the hospital, around Dec. 1.

• Ken Doyle and son spotted a full grown timber wolf at Pine Stump Junction, north of Newberry on Sept. 29. He drove within 20 feet of the animal.

• Michigan’s new income tax went into effect Oct. 1 and preliminary reports indicate that although no one is enthusiastic about having to pay another tax, the collection machinery set in motion to handle the new tax is proceeding as smoothly as could be expected. The Michigan statute provides that every employer who is required to withhold for federal purposes is also required to withhold and report for state income taxes.

35 Years Ago October 14, 1982

• Workers at Inland Lime and Stone Co. in Gulliver have been hard hit by the current economic recession. Last week they received a double whammy: 13 workers were put on temporary layoff and the company announced that supplemental unemployment benefits paid to them would be reduced and then terminated altogether. John Hendricks, superintendent at the limestone quarrying operation, said Tuesday that 13 workers were laid off last week as one of a “series of temporary and callbacks that has continued back and forth” all summer. Due to the depressed steel industry, orders for the limestone quarried at Gulliver from Inland Steel, Inland Lime and Stone’s parent company, have fallen to the lowest level in years.

• Public Safety Director Joe McDonough was grilled by the City Council Tuesday night over the amount of overtime hours his department has logged in the last six months. The number of overtime hours--1,600 in the past six months--is a drain on the financially strapped city and prompted Council Member Wally Leggett to ask “isn’t there some way we can cut down on the amount of overtime?” McDonough explained that he has little choice in most cases but to allow the overtime. For example, by far the biggest single chunk of overtime, 612 hours, was logged by public safety officers serving as ambulance attendants.

• Plans are afoot to establish an arcade of video and other games in Manistique and the operator hopes to open as soon as this Saturday. Dennis Kampainen of St. Ignace said he hopes to have his “fun-a-rama,” as he prefers to call it, operating in the old All-Seasons Sports building on US-2 by Saturday. In any event, he said the arcade should be open for business by the following Saturday. Kampainen, owner of Veri-Fine Vending in St. Ignace, signed a lease this week to rent the front portion of the All Seasons building.

20 Years Ago October 16, 1997

• Visits by meteorologists from the National Weather Service may have confirmed what area residents thought right away: a tornado was part the nasty storm system that ripped through the area on Oct. 5. Lingering wind damage to homes, camps and property remains from the quick moving system that passed through eastern Delta and Schoolcraft counties a week and a half ago.

• Organizers of a meeting last week that addressed the need for a new stray animal shelter in Schoolcraft County were pleasantly surprised by the number of concerned residents who attended. Kathy White, owner of Trillium Forest Kennels, said about 30 people attended the meeting Thursday night, Oct. 9, at the county courthouse. White and Eva Burrell of the Schoolcraft County Humane Society prompted Thursday’s meeting by their appearance at a county board meeting last month. They and other residents are seeking a new facility to house stray animals as the City of Manistique considers building a new ambulance garage and eliminating the dog pound housed in the current building. In addition, Burrell has indicated her wish to retire from the duty of housing the area’s stray cats and dogs at her residence. To address this issue, the group that me Thursday elected officers and established committees to begin planning for a new shelter.

10 Years Ago October 18, 2007

• Manistique High School football players, coaches and fans will be gathered around their television sets this Sunday to find out who the Emeralds will face in round one of the state playoffs. The Emerald varsity picked up its sixth win of the year last Friday, when they defeated Westwood 20-7. The victory qualified the team for postseason play for the first time since 2004 and only the second time since the state football tournament began in 1975.

• Despite legislative efforts and the persistent hopes of local residents, it still appears that the Camp Manistique correctional facility will close down for good two days from now, on Saturday, Oct. 20.

• Schoolcraft County’s Pine Park has a new name. At their regular meeting Tuesday night, the Schoolcraft County Board of Commissioners voted to rename the park on US-2 in honor of former Commissioner Lindsley B. Frenette, who died Sept. 24. Frenette, who served in local politics for 53 years and was a county commissioner for most of that time until his retirement last December, was widely acknowledged as a strong advocate for local recreation facilities

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