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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

As a former officer in the MDOC: a safe critical level of staffing is a recognized necessity in the delivery of services in any institution to maintain a safe work environment and insure the health, safety and welfare of all persons involved.

A safe minimal staffing level and reasonable shift scheduling is absolutely essential in the delivery of healthcare services.

I applaud and stand with the MNA in their strike against Duke LifePoint to insure that their patient’s safety always come first before profits.


Wade Roberts

Dear Editor,

U.P. values, our most endearing principles that the late honorable John Kivela embodied and defended fiercely. However, many of us are still perplexed on why Sara Cambensy primary challenged Rep. John Kivela?

So, who is Sara Cambensy?

Upon a closer look, we now see Sara Cambensy represents the far “left fringe” of the Democratic Party who on its face has dramatically shifted towards social liberalism and identity politics.

Ms. Cambensy claims to be on the side of labor? However, Ms. Cambensy opposed John Kivela, Tom Casperson, and Scott Dianda on County Road 595. Heck, even Sen. Stabenow supported its construction.

The construction of CR 595 would not only create many jobs, but would protect the environment by cutting fuel consumption by 464,000 gallons a year and be a far safer route of travel, diverting those trucks off NMU’s campus.

However, CR 595 is also about the Upper Peninsula’s future and the role radical environmentalists play in regards to our individual property rights, job creation, and future development in the U.P., which is who Ms. Cambensy chose to side.

Michigan’s 109th State House district is home to many hunters who only support pro-Second Amendment candidates. John Kivela, like iconic U.P. Democrats Mack, and Jacobetti, stood for the Second Amendment – John Kivela had no problem standing up against his party who advocated taking away our gun rights.

Rich Rossway is endorsed by the NRA – where’s Sara Cambensy endorsement from the NRA – she didn’t even get a rating. We believe silence is consent on this important U.P. issue – Sara Cambensy stands with her party who wants to literally seize our firearms contrary to our heritage and way of life in the U.P.

Further, Ms. Cambensy wants to immediately close down Embridge No. 5 – which unfortunately has become a political football. While most reasonably minded people concur a replacement line should be planned for the future, to shut it down now would be devastating to the U.P. – creating a “heating our homes emergency” by literally putting U.P. families in the cold.

Line 5 safely supplies 65 percent of propane demand here in the U.P., heating approximately 50,000 of our homes. I read (or I am told) that roughly 2,512 tanker trucks would have to traverse the Mackinac Bridge daily if No. 5 were to shut down, driving up costs for U.P. families that are already struggling.

On Nov. 7, voters have a clear choice. They can reaffirm their commitment to our values, our way of life and U.P. sensibility by rejecting Sara Cambensy – who represents the extreme left of the Democratic Party. Yoopers are fiercely independent – its why we so often split the ticket and vote the person and position before party.

I urge you do exercise that independence and vote for the candidate that best represents U.P. values and traditions.

Vote proud Army Veteran Rich Rossway. U.P. roots, U.P. service, U.P. values.


Paul Walker


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