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Dear Editor,

We just wanted to say thank you for taking part in this year’s Craft Show.

With your help we are able to turn in a check to the DARE program again this year in the amount of $450. This money is used to educate our elementary kids in the dangers of drugs and alcohol, and help keep the program active in Manistique.

In the nine years we have been doing this we have turned in a total of $3,250. This could not have been done without your help.

We hope you had a very profitable and fun day.

Hope to see you again next year.

Thanks again,

Dan Barber

Craft Show chairman

Dianna Herlik

DARE Officer

Dear Editor,

Community effort pays off.

Thanks for all the volunteer, businesses and private individuals who gave to make this project a complete success.

Boy Scout Troop 400 along with the Schoolcraft County Democratic Party worked together to restore the Old Cooks Cemetery.

The Cemetery had big dips in the ground due to either or both deterioration or removal of love ones.

The project was a community effort and 100 percent volunteer and donations. Among the donations were Desjarden Excavating donated the top soil Dave Anderson Excavation (retired) delivered the sand and his time using his backhoe to move the sand and soil to fill in the areas; Robere Farms donated two truckloads of sand and a round bale of straw; and Ace Hardware donated the grass seed.

All the labor was done by Troop 400 and its leaders along with the Schoolcraft County Democratic Party members.

This cemetery was restored in 2000 by Bryan Landis as an Eagle Scout project. The cemetery had been inactive since 1912 and mostly forgotten. It had become over grown with debris.

The Schoolcraft County Democratic Party contacted Corey Barr of Troop 400 Manistique and it was decided that they would work together to make the badly needed repairs to it.

Monique Lopez from a local TV station came out and did a segment on the project. It was nice to see these young boys be recognized for their work and effort. They gave up a Saturday to see this project though. They were hard workers and truly fun to work with.

Thanks to all for all you did.

Jean Anderson


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