2017-09-14 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, it appears we are getting a nice week of “Indian Summer” that we always look forward to up here in the U.P. when fall comes our way. Of course I would be all right if it would last until Nov. 15 and then just give us a light whiff of tracking snow for deer and then melt the snow and then the nice weather to be back. But just maybe chances of this are rather slim but one can always hope. But it does not cost anything for one to wish, after all, few things in life are ever really free in life.

The other day Wifee and I were sitting watching TV when I saw a flagrant violation of the law happening right before our eyes. Here we sat watching a program when one of those infer commercials came on advertising something that worked so good you would be crazy to try to get through your life without using it.

Here was this party using items that would stop a leak in anything and everything that ever sprung a leak. In fact, in my mind if they had had a few dozen rolls of this on the Titanic they could have just covered the hole and the ship would have never sunk. On this ad a party cuts his aluminum boat in half, tapes it back together and off he goes flying across the lake running wide open in his taped together boat.

Now here is where the flagrant violation of the law took place. Of course I have to admit being focused on what was right there before my eyes I did not look to see if the boat did have a valid registration on it because I was too focused, as a retired game warden, to the fact that it was obvious that this person was running his boat wide open across the water without a personal flotation device in the boat as required by law!

I thought about calling the RAP hot line to report this violation but then figured just maybe they were too tied up with other things to worry about this violation.

I thought I would take a minute here to express my opinion on something and remember this is my personal opinion so take it for what it’s worth.

The other day Wifee and I had to take a ride out to the hospital and here for the first time I noticed for some reason beyond my normal Yooper reasoning that the speed limit had been raised to 65 between the BP station and the city limits. Sixty-five here in town you have to be kidding me!

This means when you are pulling out of the hospital back onto US-2 you had better be ready to kick the after burners in because the cars coming at you will be traveling at 70 or better seeing they see the 65 MPH posted speed limit. I personally would like to know who came up with this plan of where they post the speed limit. And at the same time do not tell me that the Michigan Department of Transportation gives a flip about highway safety!

I ask you why could the 65 speed limit not have been moved out by Southtown Creek and made it safer for everyone. Like I say this is just my opinion after talking to a number of people and seeing there are a lot of older people that feel the same way I do. It also wouldn’t hurt to have a turn-off lane or passing lane both coming and going by the hospital.

Well, some of the hunting seasons are open and bird season is right around the corner. Get out your hunters orange hat and get ready for a good fall season up here in the U.P. What a ton of memories bird season brings back to me. Dad and the boys out on weekends and after school to hunt birds and believe it or not, back then we always saw birds. In fact, at the start of the season you would often run into big cavies of birds before they were shot at often enough to break up the cavies. Very seldom on a day long hunt did not everybody get their five bird limit before it was time to head back home after the days hunt.

There is no doubt in my mind in an era where both parents work that one of the things the youth of today miss so often that is so important is the time spent out in the woods with dad and their siblings just building memories. I have often said I wish my dad was still around to see all the man-toys we have today. The 4-wheelers, the game cameras, and the bows with all their technology, and just in general the type of hunting gear that is out there today.

So dad’s make sure to take the time this fall to just get out with your kids and have fun together. Remember how time flies and before you know it there will just be you and the wife left and wish that with no matter how much time you spent with them that you had spent a little more.

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