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50 Years Ago August 10, 1967

• William and Darlene Turpin have taken over the ownership and management of the Montgomery Ward Catalog Store in Manistique, effective Aug. 4. They have purchased the agency from Vince McCann, who has taken over a similar Ward store in Cambridge, Minn. William Turpin is employed at the local Post Office and Darlene formerly worked at Mincoff’s Studio. They live at Indian Lake.

• Coho salmon fishing at the mouth of the Thompson Creek will be getting some television coverage. Dick Black, photographer for Mort Kneff “Michigan Outdoors” show, will arrive by plane Friday evening to shoot scenes of coho fishing activity in the area. Sportsmen are being urged to turn out in good numbers so that the film will show the support that the coho fishing is gaining in this area.

• Head football coach Ron Rubick will not be back at Manistique High school this fall. Rubick announced Tuesday that he is leaving to take over the job of offensive backfield coach at Lincoln High School in Manitowoc, Wis. In his letter to the area board of education, Rubick said: “I regret that under the existing circumstances in the Manistique Area School system I can no longer continue as varsity coach and teacher. The millage defeat and the subsequent decision of the school board has left me no other alternative. The offer I accepted at Manitowoc gives much more stability for my family. At this time I would like to thank the board and the community for the cooperation given me over the last year. I would also like to wish the board good luck with the coming millage election. Rubick coached here one year, compiling a 4-5 record after a slow start. The year before he coached St. Ignace to eight straight victories without defeat. The former Manistique High School scoring champion also starred at Michigan State University before entering coaching. His departure leaves the future of football here uncertain. Limited practice for varsity was scheduled to have started Monday. Supt. Edwin Wuehle said he was hopeful one of the assistants could take over the job.

• County Juvenile Officer Jimmie DuBois has resigned, effective July 12, and a replacement is being sought, Probate Judge John Faketty said this week. Until a new officer is appointed, the county is being served by a children’s worker, William Jewel, from the Department of Social Services. Judge Faketty said that anyone interested in the job should contact him. It is a parttime position, and pays $2.875 an hour plus mileage and meals.

35 Years Ago August 12, 1982

• Is the Manistique Area Chamber of Commerce defunct? It is, according to President Chris Curran, but at least one member of the chamber’s Board of Directors hoped to urge its continued operation at a meeting that was held Wednesday. Curran said Tuesday that five members of the Board of Directors who attended a meeting last week voted unanimously to close down the chamber. He said that Wednesday’s meeting was scheduled so representatives of the Manistique Merchants Association and the Manistique Area Tourist Council could meet with chamber members to discuss how its functions could best be split up between the two organizations. However, Carolyn Wegener, owner of the Old Deerfield Resort and also a member of the Board of Directors, said she hoped to rekindle interest in the chamber at Wednesday’s meeting. She did not attend last week’s meeting and said she was “just shocked to hear there was discussion” on closing the chamber. She noted that a majority of the 12-member Board of Directors was not present to vote on whether to close the chamber. Nonetheless, Curran confirmed a formal vote had been taken last week and that the chamber “definitely is” closed. Curran said the final meeting of the chamber would be Sept. 14 “to shut everything down.” Wednesday’s meeting was to have settled how the chamber’s on-going projects would be taken over by the Merchants Association and Tourist Council. Those concerns include application for a grant to groom area snowmobile trails and use of the chamber’s treasury’s $1,300.

• Oldest Thompson natives to attend Saturday’s centennial celebration held at the town hall were Clara Sellman Archambeau and Oscar Gundersen. Archambeau, 93, currently lives in L’Anse and was born in Thompson on March 28, 1889. She along with Gundersen, 88, who has spent his entire life in Thompson, were named senior queen and king of the centennial celebration.

20 Years Ago August 14, 1997

• The Schoolcraft County Fair began Thursday, Aug. 7, with the Miss Schoolcraft County pageant. Brandy DuPrie was the winner out of a field of five contestants, who were judged in an evening gown and costume category. Du- Prie, the daughter of Dennis and Donna DuPrie, wore a tie-dyed, 1960s style costume and also recited a poem during the pageant. On Friday, Aug. 8, the Little Miss and Little Prince pageant attracted a large crowd to the stage area of the fair building. Tera Schnurer was named Little Miss and Cody Chartier was named Little Prince for 1997. Schnurer is the daughter of Gwen and Don Schnurer and Chartier is the son of Scott and Jamie Chartier.

• Longtime Schoolcraft County Fair volunteers Lester Rogers, Dick Ketcik, Christine Keener, Donna Rogers and Jean Anthony were honored for their service to the community during the Miss Schoolcraft County Pageant Thursday evening.

• Members of the Manistique City Council learned just how expensive repairs to the city’s water treatment plant may be during a presentation on the matter at the Monday, Aug. 11, council meeting. The report recommended a total of $3.675 million in repairs to the aging facility, located on the west side of the Manistique Harbor.

10 Years Ago August 16, 2007

• Camp Manistique will close. That was the final, apparently irrevocable word given to members of a local workgroup Tuesday, as they held their first meeting to discuss the future of the local level-one correctional facility. The panel, which includes representatives of the city, county and other local interests, along with State Representative Steve Lindberg and officials from the Michigan Department of Corrections, was formed Aug. 2 after Corrections Director Pat Caruso said the scheduled Sept. 8 prison shutdown was being postponed to give the department time to “take another look.” Matt Johnson, Upper Peninsula aide to Gov. Jennifer Granholm, confirmed in a phone interview Tuesday that pushing the closure date back was exactly what Caruso said it was- a postponement, not a reprieve.

• Over 300 community members attended last Saturday’s appreciation day open house at Manistique Papers Inc., enjoying refreshments, health screenings and other activities, including paper mill tours led by employees Fred Tanner and Jody Wnuk. Many other MPI employees and family members helped out throughout the day.

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