2017-08-10 / Outdoors


Well, it seems the summer season has arrived and left without us really knowing it and when you figure that next week is the week of the U.P. State Fair and it is the opinion of a lot of people that when the fair is over, so is the summer season. But here I sit still waiting for the real summer season to get here. But then again, if you look at the calendar it is time to prepare for the fall season.

It is really going to be interesting with the weather we have had just what kind of fall going into winter weather we can look forward to. I am a big fan of the fall season just so we have a month or two of what we always called “Indian Summer”. This is when those that love living in the U.P. seem to reap the benefits of the good life up here.

So you want to keep track of everything going on in the next couple of weeks and plan on having a great time.

As far as the fishing season goes it has been great for some fishermen while others had a real slow season. This really makes one wonder what the fall fishing season will hold for those that are looking forward to the fall fish runs. Life can be an interesting adventure for the most part.

There seems to be a few more deer running around this year and it is a move in the right direction as far as the deer herd goes. There are a lot of hunters waiting for the herd to increase but there are a lot of hunters I know of that have just dropped out of the sport and have no plans of getting back into it. This is really too bad but you cannot really blame them.

I personally feel there are a lot of changes coming down the pike and for those that love the great outdoors these changes are not going to impress them a whole lot. You all may find out just why I have used the term “exspurts” in my article all these years. It just seems that those that qualify as four star exspurts are getting more and more of a voice in what is taking place. I think when you really stop and think about this, it is rather scary.

I have one suggestion that would solve a lot of problems when you get to be my age and have slowed down so much. It would solve a lot of my problems in getting things done if we went to a 48 hour day and twice as many weeks in a year. My kids always ask me, “Dad, did you get such and such done?” Of course my usual answer is chances are I did not but had good intentions of getting it done.

As I said more than once when wifee asked me, “Honey, what are you doing today?” I usually reply, “Nothing” and she reminds me that I gave the same answer yesterday at breakfast. So I have to remind her that yes my answer was nothing but as slow as I am now I never finished my yesterday’s nothing. It is just the way life goes when you are working on being almost three-quarters of a century old.

It is that time of a year when if you have a garden spot you will now be reaping the benefits of all your hard work. There is nothing better than garden fresh produce to make a perfect meal even better.

I often wonder how life would be if Wifee had not always did a lot of canning during the fall of the year. I have often said that those of us that grew up eating all the things that had been put up during harvest time would survive if things got really bad where it was once again an important aspect of life to make things work when you had to make ends meet. Of course there is nothing better than some of the homemade jams and jellies we grew up with. Nothing will ever replace hot homemade bread fresh out of the oven covered with fresh real butter and mom’s homemade jam.

How many of you that grew up in this area had a shelf with canned venison and canned small potatoes down in the cellar? Mom could always go down there grab a jar of each and one with some green beans in it and you had a meal. To make the meal complete you always had apple sauce or apple pie (from canned apple pie filling) to close out mom’s perfect meal.

There is one thing I have never been able to figure out about canning. How come it is called canning when you actually use jars in the process. Should it not be called jarring instead of canning?

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