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Annual Paper Chase once again launches Folkfest

Appearing to be leading the pack, Travis DuFour takes an early lead at the beginning of the Paper Chase Saturday. Weather conditions were near perfect for those who took on the task of competing in the 5K or 10K events to start Folkfest. View additional race photos at www.mstqpioneertribune.smugmug.com under the weekly Tribune photos tab for July 2017. 
Pioneer Tribune photo Appearing to be leading the pack, Travis DuFour takes an early lead at the beginning of the Paper Chase Saturday. Weather conditions were near perfect for those who took on the task of competing in the 5K or 10K events to start Folkfest. View additional race photos at www.mstqpioneertribune.smugmug.com under the weekly Tribune photos tab for July 2017. Pioneer Tribune photo MANISTIQUE – It was a beautiful day for a run or walk along the shores of Lake Michigan for the participants of the 2017 Manistique Paper Chase.

The annual 5K/10K run walk kicked off the activities for Folkfest Saturday.

Superior Timing was once again at the finish line to record the chip-timed event, recording finishing times for 177 5K and 28 10K athletes. This year, the results show some of the age group divisions have been adjusted from previous years.

Overall winners in the 5K were Holly Blowers of Manistique in the female division and Alex Misniakicwicz of Manistique for the men.

Blowers, taking first in the 5K for the fourth year in a row, completed the race in a time of 20:00.5 for a pace of 6:27.

Second in the 5K for the female division went to Meg Espinoza of Manistique. She finished in a time of 23:01.0 for a 7:25 pace. Third was secured with a time of 23:24.2 by Amanda Plesscher of Mc- Millan. Her pace was 7:32.

Misniakicwicz, usually a distance runner for the Emerald track team, completed the 3.1 mile distance with a time of 19:52.3 and pace of 6:24. He was competing in the 12- 15 age group.

Second in the 5K for the men, just three seconds behind Misniakicwicz was James Young of Gladstone. He finished with a time of 19:55.3 and pace of 6:25. Third place went to Bryson Lawrence of Manistique. He completed the course with a time of 20:13.9 and pace of 6:31.

Covering the 6.2 mile distance of the 10K to take first in the women’s division was Cindy McDaniel of Manistique. She finished with a time of 52:25.4, equating to a pace of 8:27.

Nancy Krusic of Manistique took second with a time of 55:53.1 and pace of 9:00. Third went to Liz Burnis of Caledonia. She covered the course in 1:00:20.3 and a pace of 9:43.

Covering the same distance of the 10K to take first in the men’s division was Cody Kayser of Grand Rapids. Kayser competed in the 20-29 age group and finished in a time of 36:59.8 for a pace of 5:58.

Adam Bruce of Gladstone took second with a time of 37:29.0 and pace of 6:02. Third place was won by Seth Helman of Houghton with a 38:27.9 finishing time and pace of 6:12.

5K Results (3.1 Miles)

Age 6 and under - Male:

Justin Jack, Manistique 44:23.7

Age 7-9 Male:

Mack Pugh, Manistique, 36:24.3; Spencer Miotke, Manistique, 36:26.1; Dylan Denkins, Cooks, 44:40.1

Age 10-12 Male:

Austin Hinkson, Manistique, 22:43.8; Kyan Lynts, Casco, 25:34.0; Carter Lavigne, Manistique, 25:39.4; Griffen Miotke, Manistique, 29:11.2; Derek Denkins, Cooks, 39:31.4; Kevin Baker, Manistique, 39:58.3

Age 13-15 Male:

Alex Misniakicwicz, Manistique, 19:52.3; Jerry Jack, Manistique, 21:13.4; Lucas Gould, Manistique, 21:46.8; Nick Manty, Newberry, 24:04.6; William Allegrina, Plymouth, 28:19.3; Jeremy Chapman, Howell, 32:53.6; Kadon Hayes, Bark River, 36:26.0; Jimmy Kowalski, Centerline, 36:27.7; Jack Morgan, Baltimore, 50:19.3; Charlie Morgan, Catonsville, 51:09.4

Age 16-18 Male:

James Young, Gladstone, 19:55.3; Phillip Hagenson, Manistique, 21:45.2; Charlie Bolene, Toledo, 22:40.5; Jack Krumm, Plymouth, 30:51.7; Cameron Mauchmar, Martin, 41:05.0; Derek Kirkland, Osawatomie, 52:35.6

Age 19-22 Male:

Bryson Lawrence, Manistique, 20:13.9; Alex Helman, Houghton, 21:09.5; Andrew Olesak, Gladstone, 21:14.3

Age 23-29 Male:

Zack Weber, Manistique, 27:03.6; Deryk Reque, Auburn Hills, 29:17.4; Jacob Larsen, Stevens Point, 49:59.8; Logan Nadeau, Manistique, 1:06:48.2

Age 30-34 Male:

Charlie Niemi, Manistique, 26:48.3; Paul Irving, Paul Irving, Manistique, 45:23.9

Age 35-39 Male:

Andy Bjorne, Iron Mountain, 25:57.0; Rob Giles, Gulliver, 30:31.4; Dustin Denkins, Cooks, 44:40.9

Age 40-44 Male:

Dave Kolch, Byron, 21:04.8; Corey Way, Manistique, 26:53.2; Matt Miotke, Manistique, 28:10.3; Rob Lynts, Casco, 31:52.4; Gerald Jack, Manistique, 44:24.0

Age 45-49 Male:

Jim Murtha, Gladstone, 24:50.9; Doug Troyer, Manistique, 26:30.5; Rob Bosanic, Manistique, 31:06.6

Age 50-54 Male:

Daryl Lawrence, Manistique, 24:28.8; John Matchinski, Manistique, 24:30.2; Neal Johnson, Ovid, 33:09.8; Ernie Krumm, Plymouth, 33:43.7; Doug Reque, Kaukauna, 47:34.9; Bill Zellar, Germfask, 55:03.2

Age 55-59 Male:

Rich Aldrich, Manistique, 26:19.7; Joe Denkins Manistique, 26:30.9; Jim Bolene, Toledo, 44:03.5; Kyle Reque, Manistique, 48:03.1

Age 60-64 Male:

Alan Jarvie, Fibre, 23:18.8; Mark Larche, Manistique, 31:26.6; Roy Burns, Manistique, 32:35.6; Jim Weber, Manistique, 46:00.3; Chris Socha, Wyoming, 46:26.9

Age 65-69 Male:

Rick Schwartz, Cooks, 25:11.3

Age 70+ Male

Jim Cowman, Clovis, 40:34.6; Jerry Mattson, Whitehall, 51:28.6; Doug Tyrrell, Osawatomie, 52:35.5; Harry Mageski, Gulliver, 52:45.7; Clifford Lambert, Manistique, 58:02.8

Age 6 and Under Female:

Anna Morgan, Catonsville, 56:45.5

Age 7-9 Female:

Maya Carlson, Manistique, 25:49.2; Clara Cunningham, Manistique, 37:13.5; Claudia Burnett, Walled Lake, 39:57.3; Adeline Irving, Manistique, 45:21.3; Charlotte Johnson, Grand Blanc, 1:02:26.6

Age 10-12 Female:

Clara Gilroy, Manistique 25:22.4; Ellie Vance, Dewiit, 25:23.1; Ava Hinkson, Manistique, 26:32.8; Livia Burnett, Walled Lake, 27:50.2; Linnea Way, Manistiuqe, 31:12.9; Jordyn Chapman, Howell, 33:15.4; Sarah Mc- Daniel, Manistique, 33:18.8; Nora Cunningham, Manistique, 33:20.3; Jenna Denkins, Cooks, 42:56.3; Tricia Krumm, Plymouth, 43:00.6; Liz Tosill, Manistique, 53:19.0

Age 13-15 Female:

Meg Espinoza, Manistique, 23:01.0; Emillee Mc- Daniel, Manistique, 26:04.6; Amber Howard, Park City, 31:13.6; Jillian Lynts, Casco, 31:14.3; Grace Bolene, Toledo, 31:42.9; Emma Swanson, Manistique, 31:44.9; Ellie Helman, Houghton, 33:07.8; Jenna Jack, Manistique, 34:20.6; Rachel Kirkland, Osawatomie, 50:26.8

Age 16-18 Female:

Zoie Berg, Gladstone, 24:50.9; Joslyn Muth, Manistique, 27:45.1; Shelby Misniakicwica, Manistique, 28:41.9; Natasha Joslin, Manistique, 29:52.7; Snydny Peterson, Manistique, 29:52.8

Age 19-22 Female:

Holly Blowers, Marquette, 20:00.5; Breanna Bosanic, Manistique, 24:29.3; Jennifer Carlson, Manistique, 35:44.1; Anna Bolene, Toledo, 39:08.5; Haley Macgregor, Manistique, 44:27.7; Kristin Reque, Kaukauna, 52:50.0; Allison Mahaffy, Auburn Hills, 52:50.3

Age 23-29 Female:

Rachel Urban, Manistique, 26:19.1; Kailyn Ebli, Kingsford, 26:44.5; Abby Peterson, Manistique, 28:55.5; Sarah Chapman, Cincinnati, 29:23.2; Ariel Reque, Milwaukee, 30:44.3; Laura Channel, Rapid River, 31:05.7; Christina Roohr, McMillan, 32:21.3; Lynnelle Nadeau, Manistique, 33:12.7; Brittney Pierce, Manistique, 33:59.4; Lisa Selling, Manistique, 36:54.6; Sarah Unger, Cooks, 44:27.2; Beth Reque, Stevens Point, 49:59.9

Age 30-34 Female:

Amanda Plesscher, McMillan, 23:24.2; Kortnee Fornetti, Kingsford, 26:55.8; Kayla Carlson, Manistique, 28:02.9;

Michelle Varoni, Manistique, 28:05.2, 9:02; Jill Denkins, Cooks, 37:29.6; Amy Nixon, Manistique, 38:02.9; Toni Larche, Duluth, 38:40.6; Jennifer Benedetto, Manistique, 45:55.4

Age 35-39 Female:

Angie Bjornie, Iron Mountain, 24:20.8; Michelle Mills, Wyandotte, 30:02.7; Michelle Brazeau, Berkley, 30:10.2; Tori Irving, Manistique, 45:21.3; Ginny Batcheller, Grand Ledge, 51:00.2; Sarah Johnson, Grad Blanc, 1:02:59.1

Age 40-44 Female:

Kathleen Burnett, Walled Lake, 27:17.6; Krista Maline, Manistique, 34:39.2; Stacey Cunningham, Manistique, 37:18.5; Paige Pugh, Manistique, 40:01.3; Karen Mauchmar, Martin, 41:06.3; Jennie Baker, Manistique, 44:36.1; Sara Giles, Gulliver, 46:21.9; Julie Kirkland, Osawatomie, 50:35.4; Patricia Morgan, Catonsville, 56:53.3

Age 45-49 Female:

Kelly Matchinski, Manistique, 28:46.6; Darcy Howard, Park City, 32:53.3; Lori Bolene, Toledo, 33:04.5; Bethann Krumm, Plymouth, 43:15.5; Shannon Rutherford, Manistique, 44:26.1; Laurielee Richmond, Manistique, 51:00.6; Amy Reague, 52:51.2; Sarah Williams, Manistique, 58:03.5

Age 50-54 Female:

Beth Aldrich, Manistique, 26:19.6; Shelly Roohr, McMillan, 32:21.3; Karla Zellar, Germfask, 40:26.3; Bethanie Morrissey, Manistique, 51:00.0

Age 55-59 Female:

Donna Thackwray, Marquette, 25:21.1; Donna Winkel, Manistique, 26:14.6; Carol Klinker, Cincinnati, 29:23.2; Kristen Socha, Wyoming, 30:54.4; Dodie Schneider, Manistique, 32:56.8; Tammy Denkins, Manistique, 34:11.7; Joanne Pann, McMillan, 34:36.8; Julie Baker, Manistique, 34:48.6; Penny Carlson, Manistique, 37:15.2; Chris Beckman, Manistique, 43:33.9

Age 60-64 Female:

Paula Ebli, Kingsford, 28:21.5; Trish Forstner-Cayia, Manistique, 31:24.5; Jan Unger, Cooks, 44:43.7; Barb Weber, Manistique, 46:01.6; Clarisse Bolduc, Manistique, 46:12.7

Age 65-69 Female:

Susanne Urban, Manistique, 46:47.2; Deborah Ackerman, Germfask, 47:46.6

Age 70+ Female

Eileen Pugh, Manistique, 42:59.0; Mary Miskelly, Ellicott City, 43:24.2; Harriet Farley, Manistique, 46:50.0; Loretta Johnson, Gulliver, 47:48.1; Kathleen Sheldon, Appleton, 48:23.2; Patricia Mickelson, Manistique, 48:23.8; Donis Grove, Manistique, 51:00.2; Jean Anthony, Manistique, 54:58.3

10K Results (6.2 Miles)

Age 19 and under - Male:

Adam Bruce, Gladstone, 37:29.0; Seth Helman, Houghton, 38:27.9; Travis DuFour, Ft. Carson, 48:31.6; Ethan chapman, Howell, 53:14.9; Jude Way, Manistique, 53:53.7; Ross Pugh, Manistique, 1:06:25.0

Age 20-29 Male:

Cody Kayser, Grand Rapids, 36:59.8

Age 30-39 Male:

Dave Partyka, Manistique, 41:55.6; Tim Nixon, Manistique, 50:25.9; Greg Kretovic, Skandia, 53:47.3

Age 40-49 Male:

Jack Burnett, Walled Lake, 47:58.6; Clarence Johnson, Grand Blanc, 48:52.8; Steven Pugh ,Manistique, 54:12.6

Age 50-59 Male:

Kris Gould, Thornton, 46:26.0; Rand Howard, Park City, 57:17.2; Peter Jacobs, Manistique, 1:07:28.6

Age 60-69 Male:

Bill Pyle, Marquette, 54:51.8; Bill Sved, Marquette, 55:52.9; Will Phillips, Manistique, 58:26.8

Age 30-39 Female:

Lisa Neill, McMillan, 1:14:04.6

Age 40-49 Female:

Cindy McDaniel, Manistique, 52:25.4; Liz Burnis, Caledonia, 1:00:20.3; Theresa Gouin, Appleton, 1:07:28.9

Age 50-59 Female:

Nancy Krusic, Manistique, 55:53.1; Chris Olesak, Gladstone, 1:04:10.7; Laurie Lindstrom, Manistique, 1:08:00.1

Age 60-69 Female:

Cathy Harris, Manistique, 1:02:57.4

Over 70 Female:

Kathleen Morse, Marquette, 1:10:58.6

The Paper Chase will be back for its 28th running the second weekend of July in 2018. Tie up your laces and set a goal to join in the fun.

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