2017-07-13 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, a couple of nice sunny days and it seems that with the last rain and the sunny weather a whole new crop of mosquitoes are upon us. These little critters are really mean and furious, wanting to take a bite out of you every chance they get. I guess the good side of life is that when the daughter and her girls were up for 10 days over the Fourth they were not all that bad.

The Fourth right through Folkfest was a good one as far as the number of people poking around our town. There is no doubt that thru the years FolkFest has almost become like a big family reunion here in our town. It seems that if some of those that have moved away want to return to town to see old friends, they make it a point to do so during Folkfest. There is a lot of work put into something like this but to those that use it as a get-together it is a special time.

The strawberry season is in full swing and we have already had more than one helping of good fresh strawberry shortcake. There is almost nothing better than good fresh strawberries smothered in whipped cream.

I am seeing a few more fawns moving around during my travels this year and this is a good thing. It is an extra blessing when you see them when the granddaughters are with you.

You know you are having a bad night camping when you wake up to a bear chewing on your head. This happened to a young man sleeping in a tent out west.

Our world is fast changing and a sure sign of how it is happening is when a motorist hits a man riding his bicycle on the road and speeds off not even slowing down. But in this modern day and age it appears that the bicyclist that was hit had one of those little cameras on his helmet that recorded everything. People that think they are getting away with something had better be aware of today’s world.

I have often said that one reason I was glad to close out my career when I did was the drug problem that was starting to pop up everywhere. In a lot of cases there is no way to try and figure out how someone on drugs will react or what they will do.

But as I hear the news and read what is going on, it seems that the drug problem has increased tenfold since I called it quits. The reason I say this is because more and more they are finding where there are meth labs back in the woods. There has always been that chance of running into someone doing drugs in the back woods but it seems today it is even worse.

I have said this before but whenever it happens I just have to marvel at what all takes place. I sure was blessed with Wifee coming my way and this past week while spending a few nights at camp with our daughter and her girls the point was proved once again. She sure spoils everyone with all the great camp cooked food and playing games with the kids.

Of course for some reason all grandkids find it great fun to beat grandma at whatever game they are playing. Of course with some of the grandkids you have to keep an eye on them because they may just have a little of grandpa in them and take advantage of grandma if she is not on her toes. In camp games everything is fair if you don’t get caught.

I would sure have to figure I was in a different world if for some reason Wifee could not take all the teasing that seems to come her way. If you could bottle all the laughs and good times that are had out at camp or camping they could be shared to solve half the problems in the world.

I truly feel sorry for anyone that has not enjoyed anything like the great times families have whenever they get together and laugh the night away.

Speaking of laughing the night away the only drawback I see to grandkids is the fact when you are as old as we are (the grandparents) they never seem to run out of energy. They could go all day and night when usens have to call our own time out now and then.

So life is good when you let it be, so get out there and enjoy it with family and friends.

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