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50 Years Ago May 18, 1967

• Taxpayers will be paying approximately three mills more this summer- -even though the tax rate has been lowered. This seeming contradiction is the result of the city shifting from an assessed valuation base to the new and higher state equalized valuation figure. Last year the city’s assessed valuation of just over $6 million was the basis on which 21.22 mills were levied for operating and general expenses. This year, by state law, the valuation has increased to just over $10 million, and the city tax rate for operating has been pegged at 17.03

• Manistique’s Marin family will be honored next week with “Native Son” ceremonies as a part of Michigan Week. The special awards will be presented next Friday evening in the Cultural-Heritage program in the high school auditorium. All eight surviving Marin brothers plan to be present for the special ceremonies. Their grandfather John Marin brought their father Victor to Manistique from Stockholm among the flood of early settlers in this region. Victor Marin married here, and he and his wife spent their lives in this community. They were the parents of 12 sons. Two died in infancy, but the remaining 10 grew to manhood in this community, and eight still survive. The old family home was located at 134 S. Mackinac St. until about 15 years ago.

• Volunteer workers at the new Senior Citizen’s Drop In Center last Friday included the Chicago recording group, The Society, who aided three volunteers from Gulliver in cleaning up the area around the old Putnam house, getting it ready for its opening later this month. Volunteers were Jack Hettel, Ed Lancour and Al Goudreau from Gulliver and Sam Twomey, Fred Ortiz and Bob Leach, all of the Society.

• Two condemned houses were burned by the Public Safety department last week as stricter enforcement of the city’s anti-blight ordinance got underway. A house on Michigan and Saginaw Sts. was burned, as well as a dwelling on the dump road.

• Managers of the six city Little League teams met last Thursday evening at the Elks to conduct their annual player draft i preparation for the 1967 season. A larger turnout than usual had 50 youths vying for the 30 spots open on the teams. The 20 who were not chosen were encouraged to participate in City Recreation League play, and to return next year. The six city teams will be joined by Cooks and Hiawatha to form an eight-team league, with play starting Memorial Day.

35 Years Ago May 20, 1982

• The corporation formed to purchase the Blaney Park resort last year filed for bankruptcy in Grand Rapids Federal Bankruptcy last week. According to court officials, Blaney Properties, Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on May 13 in the Grand Rapids court. Blaney Properties, Inc. was the company set up by Vancouver oilman Larry Nicholson to purchase the land. Nicholson is president of Blaney Properties, Inc. and Blaney Enterprises, Inc., the corporation set up to manage the resort once the sale was completed. Nicholson purchased the once-exclusive 17,000-acre resort last April amid speculation that he would explore for oil and gas there while restoring the resort to its former luster. So far, neither has happened.

• Besides flowers, green leaves and warm weather, spring brings along with it a rather unusual problem for Vern Bernard, manger of the Schoolcraft County Airport: an abundance of cyclists running across the runway and interfering with air traffic. If that sounds like a stupid, dangerous thing to do, it is. That doesn’t seem to deter the cycles--all types, according to Bernard--which take advantage of the spring weather to create an unnecessary hazard for themselves and pilots using the airport.

• Students at MHS got a chance to see first-hand how the business of the school district is conducted last week. In honor of Student Government Day, observed Monday, high school students were elected as School Board “members” and sat in on last Tuesday’s meeting. Other students similarly filled in for the City Council and County Board at their recent meetings and for other government officials. Participating with their adult counterparts were Board Member Lloyd Spencer and Barb Lakosky; Board Member John Hendricks and Sue Clement; Robin Welch and Board Member Jamie Moffat, and Board Member Bill Bowman and Lori Schnurer.

20 Years Ago May 22, 1997

• A Grand Rapids woman took home the first million-dollar jackpot at any of the five Kewadin casinos when she won Thursday morning, May 15, at the Manistique casino. Jean Kalkofen, 65, won $1,030,377.44 from the Wheel of Fortune machine on a $3 play, casino officials announced Friday, May 16. Kalkofen will get her $1 million-plus payout in installments over the next 26 years. Her estate will receive the remaining payments if Kalkofen dies during that time, a casino spokeswoman said.

• Kiwanis Club members and guests Bob Barr, Julie Mallard, Sandi Slining, Kathy Jerde, Lauris Barr, Rev. Dr. Jay Martin, Rev. Pam Fulton, Cindy King and Barb Edwards were among the guests at the service organization’s annual prayer breakfast Thursday, May 15.

• Shirley Shampine and Verna Orr show off the four-pound beefsteak mushroom they found near Harvey Gray’s store near Thunder Lake Road. The Cooks residents said Terry Desjarden found the legume, which was six inches tall and 27 inches in circumference before it was sliced up and fried.

• April’s students of the month are: Emily Plackowski, Kathy Yang, Brandi Tiglas, Gordon Neill, Kourtney Weber, Amber Ackley and Diane Sherman.

10 Years Ago May 17, 2007

• There will be a changing of the guard at St. Francis de Sales School this summer as Principal Sally Gerometta retires and Kathleen “Kitty” Lovell takes over her duties. Kitty (Hermes) Lovell, a native of Garden, is completing her ninth year fourth grade teacher at St. Francis, having first been hired in 1998. The board offered her the principal position in April of this year.

• You’ve seen the ads and signs--talk of flamingo flocks coming to Manistique- -and like most people, you’ve probably been wondering what it’s all about. Officials at Manistique City Hall found out firsthand last Friday, May 11, when a flock of pink flamingos landed on their front lawn. The flock, consisting of four adult birds and 20 baby birds, was summoned by City Council member Chris Rantanen, who helped launch the new Schoolcraft County 4-H fundraiser by paying to place the bright plastic birds outside the municipal building. Responding quickly, as she does to any emergency, City Manager Sheila Aldrich contacted 4-H and purchased season “flock insurance” to keep City Hall protected from birds for the rest of 2007. Flocking is recommended as a special gift for Father’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries or just to brighten someone’s day.

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