2017-05-18 / Outdoors


Well, there is no doubt if you have been anywhere in the deep back woods this week you have soon become well aware of the fact that the black flies are alive and well once again this year. In fact, it seems that in some areas there is a super crop of them so if you are going out in the woods be prepared.

The pike-walleye season got off to a good start with a beautiful day to be out on the water with even a few fish being caught. Now there is just one more opener to wait for and that is the bass season. I guess with the fishing season now upon us, summer and the camping season can just be right around the corner.

When you stop and think of how close Memorial Day is there has to be a reason I see so many people working on their campers so everything will be ready to go. There are so many people that even the fact they live up here all year around still feel led to spend as much time as they can living in a camper out on the lake during the summer. It is just a way of life for so many Yooper natives.

With the gas prices where they are and the economy being somewhat better, it should be a good summer tourist season.

With the spring fishing season being off to a good start in a number of areas there is always something new you hear about or some new gadget or method someone figured out to try and outwit the fish. But I have to admit what I heard about this week has to go down as a first.

It seems that a couple of guys were out fishing when one of the party maybe not really on purpose decided there has to be a way to increase your chances of catching fish. It seems that this party that a lot of us know as “Hot Lips” decided if he was to drop the new hearing aids he had just purchased down to the bottom of the lake just maybe he could hear the fish moving around and coming his way.

I never did really find out if his idea worked and if you can hear fish swimming towards your boat and hook but I did find out that hearing aids do not seem to come with a replacement insurance policy even though it cost you a pretty penny when you buy them.

You do have to admit though with some people if something crazy is going to happen you could almost figure they will either be involved or right there when it happens.

For some fishermen it has been an interesting year already. One crew had their boat boarded by law enforcement and it was checked out from top to bottom and they had to repeat their name frontwards, backwards, and sideways along with their date of birth and serial number. When it was all over and done with, the only thing they could figure out was that these officers figured they were trying to get into this country illegally by crossing Indian Lake from one side to the other on the opening day of walleye season, who can figure.

Seeing we are getting into that time of year when a lot of people will be out using the outdoors and all it has to offer, I thought I would bring up something that has always bugged me.

I just could never figure out why when some people or organization has gone through all the work to fix up a place for people to enjoy why someone would want to vandalize it. It seems that almost every week if you keep up with outdoor news you read about something somewhere being either wrecked, spray painted, or just abused so bad that people just cannot enjoy it anymore.

In a number of cases the areas vandalized even had to be closed because the damage was so bad it became too dangerous to keep them open. This is bad enough but then when you consider all the money that is wasted having to fix these places up when it could be put to a better use on another project. It can be a tremendous waste of money. So go out and enjoy things but remember to leave things as you found them or in some cases better off if you can pick up some litter on the way.

By the way, as a follow up on grandma and the granddaughter and all the pink fishing gear and life jacket, all these items were a real big hit. Needless to say maybe there is a reason that grandma’s can be that someone special in there grandchildren’s life and build a bond that will last a lifetime and the memories even longer.

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