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HBH begins work on road to accommodate public

Roadway off of Lake Street being repaved after long time deterioration

The road adjacent to the HBH clinic is shown recently as it is readied for paving. 
Courtesy photo The road adjacent to the HBH clinic is shown recently as it is readied for paving. Courtesy photo MANISTIQUE – Hiawatha Behavioral Health has taken on the expense of repairing a road located adjacent to its building. The commencement of work comes just months after the organization’s offer to repair and turn the road over to the city was rejected via lack of action by council members.

According to HBH CEO Dan McKinney, the organization submitted a request earlier this year for the city to assume ownership of the roadway that extends off of Lake Street. This roadway, technically part of the HBH-owned property, provides access to HBH, two residences, as well as the back entrances of a dentist office, a fitness center, a home health and hospice center, a rehabilitation center, the Schoolcraft County Medical Care Facility, and the former Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital site.

In February, McKinney presented HBH’s case for the city to assume ownership of the roadway to Manistique City Council. At that time, HBH offered to complete approximately $15,000 worth of repair on the roadway before handing it over. This would leave only general maintenance, such as plowing, to the city – maintenance McKinney said the city already performs.

Despite the offer, some council members expressed concern about the city assuming liability for roadway and no action was taken on the matter. Regardless of the city’s lack of interest, McKinney said HBH decided to take on the repair project.

“There are numerous medical providers, private residents and HBH staff and clientele who utilize Lake Street on a daily basis,” he explained. “We knew for a number of years that the road was going to need a complete overhaul someday. That day has come. The road has been repeatedly patched, but is now beyond the condition that we find acceptable for our clients and neighbors to be driving or walking on.”

McKinney went on to point out that, though its not the primary mission of the HBH, the road could not be left to further deteriorate.

“The purpose of HBH is serving people who have a serious mental illness, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and children with serious emotional disturbance. We take care of people, not roads,” he explained. “However, Hiawatha Behavioral Health legally owns this portion of Lake Street. As good stewards of the community and in a spirit of cooperation, we feel compelled to dedicate the money needed to repair the road.”

The road is set to be completed by May 24, though, acoording to McKinney, it may be done by the end of the week.

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HBH is currently repaving a section off of Lake Street.

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Time to put up a fence!!!

Time to put up a fence!!!