2017-04-20 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, needless to say with the weather we are having, about the time you plan on getting a head start on the spring lawn projects the weather turns cold and rainy with a chance of snow. I guess in this world someone my age is just not supposed to get a head start on all those “honey do” projects. But look at the good side, you can almost count on the fact all those projects are not going anywhere and will still be out there waiting for you when the weather truly does warm up for keeps.

Unless the change in weather changes things, they are catching fish down at Garden now and up in Newberry at the Dollarville dam. In both cases they are really getting some nice fish. I will say if you are going out in a boat on a body of water to sit and fish you had better be prepared as if you were going ice fishing with the temperature and winds we have been getting. Also remember that a lot of times the window for the best spring fishing is short lived and then all you will hear is that famous phrase, “You should have been here yesterday they were hitting like crazy.”

As you are getting ready for some serious fishing just maybe if you are like me you should make out a check list. The main reason for this is the fact when you get as old as this old fossil, you can no longer count on remembering what all you need to do. Let’s see now, license, fishing boat and trailer, life jacket and other safety gear, clean out bait box and look over fishing gear, and this is just a start for your list.

If the nights should ever warm up good it will be the time of year to go out and scout around for Morel mushrooms. They are some of the best tasting goodies you can find out in the woods if you know where to look. Now as I said “If you know where to look” and this is where I seem to have a real problem with my Morel hunting.

But if I really wanted to there is some hope out there because I see that they now offer on E-bay a sure fire chance for me to change my luck. They offer “35g Dry Seeds Spores to Grow morels, Morchella Garden mushrooms kit fungus mycelium”. So there seems to be hope for me yet to come up with a way to find Morels.

If you look around things are starting to green up slowly but surely and it will not be long before the best of the spring season will give way to the bug dope season. For me the worse part of the bug season is at the beginning when the swarms of black flies decide to just make your life miserable. I have never figured out why these little pests like to find their way between your eyeballs and your glasses or into your ear to run a few laps.

There is no doubt in my mind after years of being tortured by black flies that we could keep Senator Mc- Cain happy by doing away with water boarding and just use the black fly method. There is no doubt in my mind that when they either get in your ears or when flying around your eyeballs if you could not use your hands you would confess to just about anything to get rid of them.

But I have always figured that if I can make it through the couple of weeks that the black fly season is at its worst I have it made through the rest of the summer. In the perfect world of the U.P. whenever you can get out in the woods and spend time just doing what you have always enjoyed doing life could not get any better.

A party ask me the other day, “John, do you think there is even a chance that there will ever be another generation like ours that just seems to enjoy the great outdoors, hunting and fishing, and being part of nature like we were brought up to do?”

I hate to even stop and take the time to think about the chances of there being another outdoor generation like those of us that grew up in the 40s and 50s without even a TV and really no electronic gadgets to waste so much time on. If you stop and think about it we maybe did not have a lot but we did have a life so to speak. We had a family that did things together because that was the world we lived in back then.

I have often thought back to the home that mom and dad provided for us and how they were always there for us and spent time teaching us so many things without us knowing it that we used later in life. If my mom and dad were still around I would give them a hug today and say thank you for teaching us to enjoy the outdoors and just to be satisfied with what we have. Life was good back then.

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