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Local group launches app

MANISTIQUE – A new app designed to assist travelers and area residents connect with Schoolcraft County was recently launched. The “Discover Manistique” app aims to identify local businesses, attractions, and events.

“We really wanted to hit the ground running with our new organization, which combines the functions of a chamber of commerce, a downtown merchants’ association, and economic development, under one roof,” explained Alan Barr, CEO of the newly formed Schoolcraft Tourism and Commerce organization. “This app gives you just a taste of what you can expect from the group and is a great example of exactly why we have been pursuing the joint venture in the first place.”

The app features search options like “eat”, “play”, and “stay, as well as attractions targeted to a wide variety of interests. All area business have their own “forever free” listing.

“You will find phone numbers, directions, and website listings for virtually any need or interest in the county,” said Don Erickson. “And, if it’s not on the app, please let us know. One of the benefits of serving as our own app developer, is we can make changes very, very quickly.”

The mobile app was unveiled at a recent Business After Hours event, with two members of the app team sharing a demonstration with Cindy King, owner of The Mustard Seed.

“We are so excited and grateful for the infusion of energy and ideas from the young folks who created the phone app,” she said following the demonstration. “Their dedication to hometown Manistique is inspiring. We’re not tech savvy but we know this is cutting edge and our business and community will benefit.”

Dawn White, St. Vincent de Paul store manager, added, “I love that you have easy access to a phone book for every business.”

“This is a fantastic tool for us to be able to provide to the nearly 300 volunteers who travel here each year. In the past, we had to collect and put together folders with information. That was time consuming and cumbersome,” said Ann MacGregor, Office Manager for Habitat for Humanity. “With advances like this in technology, it’s the way to travel.”

The app also includes an “events” category, which connects to the website for the Discover Manistique area calendar. The calendar allows community members or businesses to add events and is updated in real time.

“This means, that at any given moment, if there is a change or cancellation, you will know about it as quickly as we can get it posted, which is usually within minutes”, said Erickson, who serves as an admin for the calendar.

The calendar has been up and running since May 2016.

Future updates to the app are being configured, including a listing of annual festivals, links to review sites such as Trip Advisor, and current weather conditions.

Download the app at the Apple Store or at Google Play for Android users.

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