2015-09-03 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, are we getting this great week of nice weather before we head into the fall season or is this type weather going to make up for the slow start to summer we had. I don’t know, but I will take it no matter the reason it is so nice out. This type weather with few or no bugs makes for about perfect weather up here.

This past weekend we had some of the family up and spent a few days out at camp. It was just about perfect for us all to sit around a campfire for a couple of days and just enjoy the time we got to spend together. You have to admit when you put one of those old style coffee pots on an open fire and let it perk it sure beats any modern coffee maker.

If you are a true Yooper, you are well aware of the fact that cooking over an open fire is just about as perfect a way to have food that tastes better than making it any other way. Hash brown potatoes cooked over an open fire with way to much real butter to be healthy makes them brown just like everybody likes them.

The only problem with being at camp cooking over an open fire is that with the way the food tastes you can count on the fact you will end up eating way too much.

The only drawback we ran into and talking with other people who were out camping that had the same problem, there are a zillion yellow jackets out there. There has always been a few around but this year there seems to be a bumper crop. In fact, we had supper sitting on a table and soon had to cover it just to keep all the yellow jackets from getting into everything.

I have to say that I sure lucked out with the wife I have because she enjoys the great outdoors as much as I do. It just would not be the same out at camp without Wifee there to get everything in order and seeing we have more than enough to feast on.

It is also hard to believe that we are just about on Labor Day, give or take a few days; the 2015 hunting season gets under way with the opening of bear season.

In my travels I have observed a good number of large flocks of turkey. It seems that for some reason the weather we have had must have been just about perfect for eggs to hatch and large flocks of young turkey to be out there.

There is just no way that I will ever get tired of just stopping and watching nature’s beauty whether it be some wildlife or a sunset across a lake out in the woods. There is just something about being lucky enough to live where you can walk out your back door so to speak and there everything is right before you just for you to enjoy.

As we wind up the end of another summer season with Labor Day being here and then the start of school, I have to ask how many good memories did you manage to record in your mind? If you did you can just sit back and relive those great times.

I say this because this past weekend two of the family members that were up were one of our granddaughters and her husband who had never been up this way before. It seemed that she just wanted to take the time so that the two of them could hit all the spots where she went as a youth when up at our place. All those places that had been something special for her when growing up that had built fond memories. Of course this meant spending some time at camp so naturally we had to spend some time out there.

It is funny but our camp is nothing special, it is just a place to get away from everyday life and forget that they will both be back in college this week. It is just where there is no TV or most of the time no cell phone service. It is just someplace where the most important thing is family and friends getting together and really accomplishing nothing that will change the world unless it is just enjoying each other’s company.

So you have one last weekend of summer to get with family and friends and just enjoy the fellowship you can have together. But then again it just may be that when you get my age you know that weekends like the one we had this past weekend can become fewer and fewer. So make it a point to go out of your way and tell mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, and the

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