2014-08-28 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, I hate to have to admit it, but according to Wifee there are signs of fall sneaking up on us out there. According to her the trees seem to be showing more color each time we go out to camp. I told her it cannot be, because I’m sure if you were to look there is still snow back in the cool dark areas of the woods.

Then on top of the signs of fall showing up, there has been article after article, report after report, and even a map showing that we should have a cold-snowy winter again this year. I for one would rather just wait and see what comes along without all those doomsday people out there trying to ruin my day.

I was at a place listening to some people talk and the subject came up about our elected officials representing us in Lansing. Let me start off by saying we have heard over and over again about the fact that those in government cannot work together and accomplish the things we would like to see done. Now it seems that nobody can figure out why did this ever get passed! This goes on year after year with the two parties down in the Big House.

Now according to the speaker at the meeting I was at it seems that those that have been elected by us Yoopers have come up with a phenomenal idea. It seems they all put their Yooper minds together and came up with the idea of working together as a team to get some items we need squared away for the U.P. done. What an original idea they came up with.

Now you would think that this would be the type plan that people should be all for, seeing they want to help those that sent them to the big house to do just this. But what happens? Well it seems that when they did this needless to say, there are officials from both parties upset. So there was a backlash from the higher ups in their parties as to how can you be working with those people from the other side of the aisle.

I guess maybe this was such an original idea, politicians working together, they could not understand how it worked. As I said I just heard this talked about at a get together I was at, but if so, I hope they stick together and have a plan to help us out up here.

It totally amazes me how out of touch some people can be in today’s world with all the gadgets that are out there. How can anyone be so silly to think when they post something on one of the internet social sites that it is not going to be seen by anyone and everyone out there?

It seems some that live over on the west end of the U.P. were having their version of fun running over and torturing a coyote. They filmed this and then from what I read posted it on a social network site.

It is bad enough when there are those out there that do not like hunting to start with and will do everything in their power to take our rights away. They do not need something like what happened to add gas to the fire where they can brand all hunters along with people like this.

Well, I started out this week speaking about fall and there are those that really like the fall fish runs and really look forward to them every year. I have to say though that the fall fish run activity sure is nothing like it used to be way back when I first came here.

Of course the fishing activity back then was at Thompson Creek not in the Manistique River. Back then it was sure something new the way the salmon came in. The runs back then were something else when you consider all these fish were trying to run up something the size of Thompson Creek.

Of course back then you could not fish in Thompson Creek itself so all the action was out in the lake. You had fishermen standing on the shore casting out into the lake as far as they could towards the fishermen out there in their boats. Of course those fishermen in the boats were casting towards shore trying to catch fish. It was a real circus out there.

I guess one of the best cases I ever came across out there was the night we arrested a party for taking fish illegally with the aid of a dog.

Those were the days when you did not have to go very far to find all the action you wanted to find as a conservation officer.

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