2014-07-31 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, it is hard to believe we are at the end of July already. I still am in the start-up phase of everything I hoped to get done this summer and it is almost coming on to fall. I know as you get up in age doing things takes a bit longer, but I have to wonder if time is not just going by faster. I have told Wifee a number of times that some of the projects which I had planned for this lifetime I guess I will have to put off until my next lifetime because I am running out of time in this one.

I have to explain something about my blueberry picking and what was in my article last week. I had written in some articles earlier this summer about all the rain they had up north while there was none in town. In my travels after blueberries I figured the best way to find some good blueberry picking is to follow the rain patterns.

In looking out on the plains the blueberries were real scattered and small. But if you travel north to the areas where all those early rains went through the picking is unreal in some areas. I would suggest you go up north a ways to find some good picking.

There are a few deer moving around and a few fawns but there is really no way to judge just what effect the winter had on them. But I have always felt it is nice to see wildlife in my travels rather than seeing nothing.

Do you realize that in the real world that a cartoon can come true? Did you hear that they had to close a roadside park over near Munising because Yogi or some of his relatives were trying to steal the tourist’s picnic baskets? Really, it seems there were bear coming in looking for food in the garbage so for safety reasons they closed the park.

Wifee and I spent last Friday over at the National Trappers Convention at the fairgrounds in Escanaba. There sure were a lot of people there and a lot of things to look at. I guess one of the best reasons to attend these things is to run into all the people you know. I think one spends more time talking and reliving old times as they do looking around.

There sure was something for everybody to look at. There were also some great food booths set up to enjoy. I guess the way things went and the great time had by most people it once again proved what a great host the U.P. can be. It is really important that we make a good impression on those that attend something like this so they will come back and visit us again.

From what I hear the fishing tournament went pretty good especially with a new crew taking over on such a short notice. There are always ups and downs whenever something takes place but those that took part seemed to have had a good time. That is in between the rain drops.

It won’t be long before the gardens start giving us some great fresh vegetables. In fact, some are already producing. We have been helping some people with their garden this year and already there are potatoes to eat. In a week there should be some other things to pick.

If you don’t have a garden of your own I would suggest you make sure to check out the Farmer’s Market each Wednesday. Wifee and I went down last week and not only found the usual but also found that Peterson’s Fishery out of Fayette had fresh whitefish for sale. We purchased some whitefish filets and they were great.

In fact, I really enjoy a piece of fresh whitefish to make a sandwich out of. Of course the key is the piece of whitefish and the right type sauce to make it just right. Stop by the Garden Market this week and see what they have.

The last few weeks of summer are here because it is only a few weeks in some areas before school starts. This means if you want to enjoy some summer camping and fishing before school starts now is the time.

Do you realize that some of the best years of your life is the time you enjoy what God has given us to enjoy up here in the U.P. Also if you are grandparents and still have young grandkids that think you are the greatest thing there is and that there is no better time than those spent at grandma and grandpa’s to enjoy them.

Because it will not be too many years before they will grow up and have other things to do and coming to grandma and grandpa’s will be few and far between. Remember you can only live and enjoy one day at a time so make each day special.

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