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The results are in: Paper Chase 2014

4 new age division records set in event

Above, Ryan Olsen, of Auburn, Ind., wearing bib No. 394, gets out of the gate early at this year’s annual Paper Chase. At top right, Rob Schwartz tears the winning 5K ticket from the bib of Lee Kravitz of Hessel, Mich. Kravitz set a new 40-44 5K division record for the men with a time of 16:45.3. Additional photos will be available on the Pioneer Tribune Facebook page. Above, Ryan Olsen, of Auburn, Ind., wearing bib No. 394, gets out of the gate early at this year’s annual Paper Chase. At top right, Rob Schwartz tears the winning 5K ticket from the bib of Lee Kravitz of Hessel, Mich. Kravitz set a new 40-44 5K division record for the men with a time of 16:45.3. Additional photos will be available on the Pioneer Tribune Facebook page. MANISTIQUE – It was another beautiful day on the shores of Lake Michigan for the 24th Manistique Paper Chase. The annual event kicks off the list of activities for Folkfest Saturday.

This year, 205 runners and walkers completed the combination of the 5-kilometer and 10-kilometer events.

Event organizers again partnered with Superior Timing at the finish line. The chip-timed event recorded finishing times for 159 5K and 41 10K athletes.

Overall winners for the 5K were Holly Blowers of Manistique in the female division and Lee Kravitz of Hessel, Mich., in the men’s division. Blowers finished the 3.1 mile course in a time of 21:01.9 which equates to 6:47 minute miles. Kravitz covered the 3.1 miles in a 40-44 age group record setting time of 16:45.3. The new pace for the age group is 5:24.

Covering the 6.2 mile distance of the 10K with a time of 38:36.4 was Joey Wolfe of Escanaba, Mich. Wolfe’s pace was 6:13.

The women’s division of the 10K was won by Anna Mooi, of Manistique, who covered the same distance with a time of 44:20.2 and a pace of 7:09.

A high caliber of contestants completed the courses with four age group division records set.

Jill Richards of Garden, running in the 40-44 age group, broke her 5K records set in 2012 and 2013. Richards set the new age group mark at 23:02.8. Richards 2012 time was 23:35.9 and in 2013 she shaved off a few more, posting 23:14.4. Richards 5K pace was 7:26.

The final 5K new age group record was posted by Manistique resident Beth Aldrich in the 50-54 division. Aldrich covered the 3.1 miles with a pace of 7:31, for a total of 23:20.1.

Last, but not least, was the record broken in the female 50-50, 10K set by Terri Paulson of Fullbrook, Calif. Paulson had set the age group mark at 49:56.9 in 2013 and shaved over two minutes off her time finishing in 47:22.3. Paulson’s 10K pace was 7:38.

2014 Results

5K Results (3.1 Miles)

Age 9 and under - Male:

Austin Hinkson, Manistique, 25:38.2; Owen Lecloux, Ann Arbor, MI, 27:07.1; Carson Sprader, Manistique, 28:45.6; John Lund, Manistique, 33:53.0; Garrett Frazer, Manistique, 33:54.5; David Johnson, Manistique, 45:38.4; Stephen Lund, Manistique, 1:10:05.1

Age 10-11 Male:

Lucas Gould, Manistique, 25:16.6; Jude Way, Manistique, 26:59.4; Gunnar Dlugas, Bark River, MI, 29:24.1; Kaden Hayes, Escanaba, MI, 33:42.6; Nick Manty, Newberry, MI, 36:52.4; Jeremy Chapman, Howell, MI, 41:21.5

Age 12-14 Male:

John Hassemer, Brillion, WI, 21:45.3; Ethan Chapman, Howell, MI, 23:01.2; Patrick McNamara, Manistique, 25:27.3; Bradley Stoetzer, Germfask, 27:52.9; Freddy Ford, Appleton, WI, 33:44.5; Jack Krumm, Plymouth, MI, 34:36.9; Cameron Mauchmar, Martin, MI, 43:23.0; Derek Kirkland, Osawatatomie, KS,54:21.8

Age 15-19 Male:

Brett Hannah, Wetmore, 18:33.7; Bryson Lawrence, Manistique, 19:23.9; Ryan Olsen, Auburn, IN, 19:42.1; Max Larsen, Manistique, 20:20.6; Nicolas Mariscal, Santa Maria, CA, 21:01.5; Ryan Ramey, Manistique, 21:44.3; Logan Hayward, Manistique, 22:06.3; Mason Matchinski, Manistique, 22:50.0; Jordan Carlson, Manistique, 26:12.3; Nick Gould, Manistique, 31:25.3

Age 20-29 Male:

Voight Brigham, Mt. Pleasant, MI, 19:06.4; Joseph Barr, Sault Ste. Marie, MI, 23:22.8; Jordan Demers, Manistique, 32:49.1; Jake Larsen, Wausau, WI, 39:12.3

Age 30-34 Male:

David Partyka, Manistique, 18:50.6; Jake Denkins, Rapid River, MI, 19:55.4; Dan Mercer, Petoskey, MI, 22:03.9; David Winkel, Manistique, 23:25.1; Andy Bjorne, Manistique, 25:58.2; Caleb Varoni, Manistique, 27:56.9

Age 35-39 Male:

Ben Stein, Chicago, IL, 27:59.9; Ryan Olsen, Manistique, 28:56.9; Zeke Rozich, Eden Prairie, MN, 40:00.5; Terry Manty, Newberry, MI, 44:06.2

Age 40-44 Male:

Lee Kravitz, Hessel, MI, 16:45.3; Jon Olson, Auburn, IN, 21:25.7; Scott Whitman, Manistique, 21:56.9; Bob Burnham, Wetmore, MI, 22:04.3; James Lindholm, Felch, MI, 23:25.5; Chris Frazer, Manistique, 25:52.1; Scott Sprader, Manistique, 28:45.9; David Hayes, Escanaba, MI, 34:31.2

Age 45-49 Male:

Ernie Krumm, Plymouth, MI, 31:44.5; John Mynatt, Saginaw, MI, 31:46.2; Doug Reque, Manistique, 35:15.2

Age 50-54 Male:

John Matchinski, Manistique, 24:01.0; Neal Johnson, Mason, MI, 32:53.6; Kyle Reque, Manistique, 54:08.3

Age 55-59 Male:

Joe Denkins, Manistique, 25:27.5; Alan Misniakiewicz, Manistique, 28:17.4; Ralph Bjorne,

Manistique, 29:02.8; Mark
Larche, Manistique, 29:05.1; Chris
Socha, Wyoming, MI, 43:00.2;
John Guertin, Indianapolis, IN,
Age 60+ Male:
Don Creager, Three Rivers, MI,
26:15.8; Richard Olson, Manistique, 27:52.5; Will Phillips, Manistique, 31:50.2; George Graeber,
Mason, MI, 33:50.0; Jim Cowman,
Clovis, NM; 34:31.2; Jim Russey,
Manistique, 43:52.3; Clifford
Lambert, Manistique, 48:12.0;
Tom Anderson, Rapid River, MI,
50:26.1; Harry Mageski, Gulliver,
52:40.5; Doug Tyrell, Osawatomie, KS, 55:11.5
Age 9 and Under Female:
Ava Hinkson, Manistique,
29:20.2; Maya Carlson, Manistique, 30:01.2; Linnea Way, Manistique, 31:22.5; Danielle Lund,
Manistique, 35:38.1; Jordan Chapman, Howell, MI, 37:53.2
Age 10-11 Female:
Jenna Jack, Manistique, 29:21.6;
Emma Swanson, Manistique,
31:50.1; Madilyn Bosanic, Manistique, 33:48.1; Rachel Kirkland,
Osawatatomie, KS, 54:21.6
Age 12-14 Female:
Abigail Burnham, Wetmore, MI,
28:06.7; Ella Fortner, Iron Mountain, MI, 31:24.4; Kylie Johnson, Manistique, 43:03.4; Sydnee
MacPhail, Manistique, 44:56.3;
Patricia Krumm, Plymouth, MI,
Age 15-19 Female:
Holly Blowers, Manistique,
21:01.9; Olivia Lamberg, Middleville, MI, 21:06.6; Shelby Misniakiewicz, Manistique, 26:53.8;
Leah Cook, Manistique, 27:39.4;
Vanessa McNamara, Manistique,
27:50.1; Shelby Carlson, Manistique, 28:06.4; Gina Mynatt, Saginaw, MI, 29:04.9; Morgan Kangas, Manistique, 29:34.7; Kelsey
Dehanke, Manistique, 31:25.2;
Lexi Carlson, Manistique, 33:55.8;
Paige Forstner, Iron Mountain, MI,
34:43.2; Alyce Krumm, Plymouth,
MI, 38:29.2; Mackenzie Hayes,
Escanaba, MI, 43:20.9; Shilo
LaButte, Garden, 49:35.7
Age 20-29 Female:
Alison Case, Marquette, MI,
21:26.6; Brittany Richard, Garden,
21:37.2; Michelle Varoni, Green
Bay, WI, 27:45.1; Carlie Kangas,
Manistique, 29:06.2; Becca Videtich, Manistique, 29:21.2; Tara
Varoni, Manistique, 29:24.7; Nina
Vincent, Manistique, 32:02.3;
Stacey Stewart, Menominee, MI,
33:29.3; Ariel Reque, Marinette,

WI, 33:34.6; Emily Zellar, Manistique, 33:40.8; Laura Palmer,
Manistique, 36:42.6; Beth Reque,
Wausau, WI, 39:11.6; Ranae Kerr,
Newberry, MI, 39:14.9; Jennifer
Benedetto, Manistique, 40:14.4
Age 30-34 Female:
Kate Huron, Manistique,
23:10.5; Jennifer Constantino,
Sault Ste. Marie, MI, 26:48.7;
Kayla Carlson, Manistique,
27:31.8; Toni Larche, Manistique,
27:51.8; Jessica Demers, Manistique, 32:41.7; Amber Olsen, Manistique, 32:41.8; Breanne Gendron,
Gladstone, MI, 33:17.8
Age 35-39 Female:
Shannon Lemke, New Carney,
TX, 22:58.4; Alison Lecloux,
Ann Arbor, MI, 30:19.7; Angela
Whitman, Manistique, 31:18.6;
Laura Stein, Chicago, IL, 32:40.8;
Jennifer Osterhout, Manistique,
33:11.9; Trisha McEvers, Manistique, 37:12.3; Shannon Manty,
Newberry, MI, 44:05.6
Age 40-44 Female:
Jill Richard, Garden, 23:02.3;
Kelly Matchinski, Manistique,
28:42.3; Karen Mauchmar, Martin,
MI, 43:41.2; Jessica Hassemer, Brillion, WI, 47:44.9; Julie Kirkland,
Osawatatomie, KS, 50:06.8; Beth
Krumm, Plymouth, MI, 54:56.6
Age 45-49 Female:
Laurie Nelson, Manistique,
24:19.4; Amy Reque, Kaukauna,
WI, 54:07.5
Age 50-54 Female:
Beth Aldrich, Manistique,
23:20.1; Tammy Dlugas, Bark
River, MI, 29:23.9; Kristen Socha,
Wyoming, MI, 29:48.9; Jeani Dalgord, Garden, 31:57.3; Karla Zellar,
Germfask, 35:10.1; Tammey Denkins, Manistique, 36:00.4; Janet
Pratt, Manistique, 38:45.1
Age 55-59 Female:
Donna Winkel, Manistique,
30:02.0; Lynne Faith, Mercer Island, WA 36:01.7; Kriston Laton,
Albermarle NC, 36:01.7; Elizabeth
Ozog, East Peoria, IL, 40:28.0;
Cathy Kaltz, Gulliver, 59:21.5; Bernadette Ecker, North Branch, MI,
59:22.4; Linda Warren, Otter Lake,
MI, 59:23.9
Age 60+ Female:
Karyn Fay, Hubbell, MI, 35:49.3;
Eleanor Russey, Manistique,
43:52.6; Susanne Urban, Manistique, 45:06.6; Kathleen Sheldon,
Appleton, WI, 48:12.3; Patricia
Mickelson, Manistique, 53:48.3;
Barbara Vansychle, Jackson, MI,
10K Results (6.2 Miles)
Age 19 and under - Male:

Joey Wolfe, Escanaba, MI,
38:36.4; Hunter Dlugas, Bark
River, MI, 38:55.4; William Pomeroy, Manistique, 42:39.6; Mitch
Mynatt, Saginaw, MI, 43:37.1;
Alex Misniakiewicz, Manistique,
Age 20-29 Male:
Nick Roberts, Rapid River, MI,
Age 30-39 Male:
Greg Ryan, Sherwood, WI,
39:42.4; Andrew Ozanich, Sherrill,
NY, 43:53.1; Daniel Giles, Manistique, 44:11.9; Jack Burnett, Chicago, IL, 45:38.4
Age 40-49 Male:
Jim Miller, Norwich, CT,
57:42.2; Brad Ritter, Green Bay,
WI, 59:14.0
Age 50-59 Male:
Mike Miller, Boyne Falls, MI,
45:48.5; Randy Kerr, Newberry,
MI, 46:18.7; Richard Aldrich,
Manistique, 47:34.9; Pete Jacobs,
Manistique, 1:01:08.7
Age 60+ Male:
Jeff Morey, Bokeelia, FL,
47:44.3; Larry Morse, Marquette,
MI, 53:09.8
Missing Age Male:
Miles Anderson, Escanaba, MI,
Age 19 & Under Female:
Olivia Holmberg, Manistique,
47:12.0; Brianne Ford, Appleton,
WI, 1:31:39.4
Age 20-29 Female:
Anna Mooi, Manistique,
44:20.2; Rachel Urban, Manistique, 54:18.7; Ashley Miller,
Manistique, 1:04:37.5
Age 30-39 Female:
Kathleen Burnett, Chicago, IL,
54:56.2; Beth Birk, Newberry, MI,
1:02:42.6; Stacey Masters, Munising, MI, 1:12:13.4; Katy Ford,
Appleton, WI, 1:31:51.0
Age 40-49 Female:
Nancy Krusic, Manistique,
49:03.0; Liz Burnis, Caledonia,
MI, 57:18.6; Lisa Holmberg, Manistique, 57:29.1; Amy Nolan, Munising, MI, 1:02:30.7; Deborah
Faulkner, Newberry, 1:10:33.7;
Dawn Love, Green Bay, WI,
Age 50-59 Female:
Terri Paulson, Fullbrook, CA,
47:22.3; Kathi Miller, Boyne Falls,
MI, 57:55.7; Chris Olesak, Gladstone, MI, 58:31.1; Laurie Lindstrom, Manistique, 1:07:15.6
Age 60+ Female:
Cathy Harris, Manistique,
59:11.1; Jean Brandenburg, Bark
River, MI, 1:00:28.3; Kathleen
Morse, Marquette, MI, 1:00:40.7

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