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Fish Report

Well, there are a few tourists around wondering where our summer weather went and some wondering if it is ever going to get here. I guess it is just going to be one of those summers. There are a few more people running around now but after all it is the middle of July.

We sure had a nice day for Folkfest and there seemed to be a lot of people down there. It is one of those times you get to see people you only see once a year at Folkfest.

I have listed below a few reasons why there are some of us that feel where we live is just about the perfect place to settle down you could find.

• The pure bliss of watching the sunset over Lake Michigan on the pier on a beautiful summer evening.

• Getting away from it all and heading “Up North” to the quiet beauty of Upper Michigan.

• Stargazing in the U.P. and feeling so small staring up at that big, open sky.

• Vernors and Ternary Toast forever. Even if it was way better a decade ago.
• Watching a summer thunderstorm come in over the lake.
• Participating in the great Michigan vs. Michigan State debate.
• The rivalry between Packer and
Lion fans.
• Sunday drives through the
countryside in the fall and witnessing one of the most beautiful times
of the year.
• Red Wings games at The Joe.
• Eating your weight in Mackinac
Island fudge and taffy.
• Having a lake only 10-20 minutes away from you at all times.
• Being able to identify someone
as a Yooper or a Troll.
• Long, summer days spent out
on the lake when the sun seems to
stay out long past its curfew.
• There are still a few “Mom &
Pop” country stores.
• And especially being there on
the days they give out free samples.

• The gorgeous Northern Lights
on a clear night in the U.P.
• Loving Big Ten sports.
• Loving all those crazy people
that come “North” for the summer.
• Jiffy blueberry muffins – the
only muffins ever worth mentioning,
next to home-made wild blueberry
• Returning pop cans for 10 cents
a can.
• Drinking tasty drinks out of Mason jars.
• Friendly strangers everywhere
you go.
• Getting a “Clyde’s burger.
• Rooting for the Lions or the
Packers every Thanksgiving.
• Summer vacations to Mackinac Island, the Soo, Oswald’s Bear
Ranch, or way over to the Porcupine
• Lazy, relaxing days spent trout
or salmon fishing.
• Being able to experience the
beauty of all four seasons.
• The heavenly and delicious existence

of pasties.
• The weird and quirky roadside
attractions on a road trip heading
“Up North.”
• Always having something to do
outdoors regardless of the season.
• The awe-inspiring views of the
Mackinac Bridge.
• Relishing in the quiet beauty of
Lake Superior.
• Seeing the blue “Welcome to
Michigan” highway sign when you
enter the state and feeling so glad to
be back home.
• The “Yooper” annual fair – people watching, farm animals, and delicious fried foods in one great place
• Splish splashing around in Lake
• Camping in the U.P. to watch
meteor showers and feeling like

you’re a million miles away from the
rest of the world.
• Wondering if there is really the
season called summer.
• Also wondering if the water up
here ever gets warm enough to swim
• Learning to live with mosquitoes, black flies, and ticks.
• Living where a good hunting
dog is really man’s best friend.
You have to remember that those
of us that live up here have a right to
be a little different because we were
born with it. We have our quirks and
even if they are true it is always~400in
the way you look at it.
For example if I was to tell you
I split my firewood with a rototiller
~16you would not believe it, but it is true
and I do. In fact it really works great.
I did have trouble getting it started

this year but I finally managed too. But then I was going great splitting some wood and it sputtered and quit. I thought, “You have to be kidding me!”

That is until one of the guys working with me said, “Did you remember to turn the gas on?” I hate a smart alec so I told him I just wanted to see how many pieces of wood we could split before turning the gas on. As I turned the gas valve on.

Then you have to remember I also cut my grass up at camp with a snow blower. This too is true and it works prettyYardgood.SwimIn fact so good you can mow5k Runthe trails and if there are some small tress coming up they are soon history.Mile Bike

Could life be any better then being a Yooper and living in a little piece of Heaven?

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