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Fish Report

Well, today is a real summer like day and we went out to Jackpine Lake to spend the evening with some friends and it was really nice both weather and bug wise. My perfect plan for summer is for it to rain while you are sleeping and then be a beautiful summer day. I would like to meet the person who could stick to a diet while out camping and cooking out. To me it is an impossible feat to accomplish.

There are a good number of tourists running around up here and the summer season is in full swing. There is one thing about this time of year that still gives me a scary feeling whenever I hear it. We were out in the Cooks area on the Fourth and we heard sirens off in the distance and the first thing that runs through my mind is drowning this time of year. I guess I have seen too many through the years when I was working.

I don’t care if you are in a boat, riding a jet ski, or out floating on a board or raft you should always have a life jacket and should wear one just to play it safe. There are all kinds of them out there for you to choose from that will fit whatever you are doing. So why not play it safe this summer.

Wifee and I went to the Art Fair and purchased some local honey that is supposed to be the best for you and some kettle corn. We then went down and parked to wait for the parade. A couple of Wifee’s friends turned up where we were and I could not get rid of them with our kettle corn. In fact, it was so good I teased one of them later that the only way I could get rid of them was to throw a handful out the car window and lock the door when they went out after it.

There is nothing like a small town parade and ours is always special especially for the young people. There were a bunch of young kids next to us by the water tower and I kept teasing them that I had boots on so I could stomp their fingers and steal all the candy. From that point on they kind of kept an eye on me and guarded their candy just in case. I don’t care if you are nine or 90, you can always have fun at a parade.

Those that applied for a bear permit can check on line now to see if they were successful.

The following some of you may find interesting.

The commission also approved bumping up the date that baiting is allowed to begin from Oct. 1 to Sept. 15.

“The early antlerless firearms hunt and the Liberty Hunt take place in September,” the DNR wrote in a memo to the NRC. “We have received feedback from stakeholders indicating interest in baiting during these early hunts in order to increase success rate.”

• The Liberty Hunt will take place Sept. 20-21 and is open to youth hunters under the age of 17 and disabled hunters. The Independence Hunt takes place this year Oct. 16-19 and is open to disabled hunters. Antler point restrictions in place in Zone 1 and DMU 487 no longer apply during these two hunts.

“The (DNR) expects the change to simplify regulations and provide an increase in recreational opportunity,” the DNR wrote.

• The commission voted to change the opening day of the muzzleloader season in the northern Lower Peninsula (Zone 2) to coincide with the opening date for muzzleloader season in zones 1 and 3. The season will now start on the same date, statewide. In zones 1 and 2, the season will end after 10 days, and in Zone 3 it will continue to last for 17 days.

I know it is early in July but make sure you mark your calendar for July 24 thru the 27 when the National Trappers Convention Outdoor Show will be in Escanaba.

There will be something for everybody there. This includes the better-half and the kids. There will be a lot of booths and demonstrations where you can pick up a few pointers.

There will also be vendors with a lot of outdoor gear, crafters, antique dealers, gun dealers, and more.

There are learning opportunities in quilting, sewing, cooking, and much, much more.

The one time admission price includes all four days so set these days aside on your outdoor calendar for these dates, July 24 through the 27.

Summer is now in full swing with FolkFest coming this weekend here in town. Remember also the fireworks are going to be this weekend too. So get out there and enjoy the summer season up here in “God’s Country”. Can life really get any better than we have it up here?

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