2014-07-03 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, here we are at the Fourth of July weekend and this means that summer is officially in full swing. From what I hear from some business people things have started off a little slow this summer and they are hoping things pick up for the Fourth. Being in a business in the U.P. that counts on the summer tourist trade can be rather interesting when it is something you really have no control over.

The other day I ran into one of those nature made phenomenon that was a first for me. There was Wifee, our daughter with her two little girls and we were heading out to camp. We had stopped in Cooks to help out in a friend’s garden before heading up to camp. As we left Cooks there were a few sprinkles hitting the windshield but nothing serious.

But then we got up near camp and the road was completely covered with water from wood line to wood line and it went on for a long way. There was enough water that I teased my granddaughters about needing life jackets. Taking the two-track into camp was a rather interesting project. I don’t know how much rain fell but there had to be a lot in a short period of time.

The little girls wanted to go fourwheeling but I really did not want them to get all wet and muddy. Luckily for them with it being sand country things dried up in a few hours that we could take a ride.

I have a question for you that are a whole lot smarter than I am. I wrote about all the mosquitoes we have had this year and then something really weird happened. During the middle of the week early in the morning our window screens were just covered with mosquitoes as usual. When the late afternoon came I had to go out and get some things done in the yard mosquitoes or not.

As I was working in the yard I soon realized that something was missing! There were no mosquitoes! None at all!

And since then there have been none or very few mosquitoes to put up with here in town. Now my question to you out there is what in the world happened to them and where did they all go? I accused my daughter of taking them all home with her. But really I cannot say I was sorry to see them go and only hope they stay gone.

It is sure nice to see the new crop of critters running around out in the woods and on the lakes. In fact, you can sit in Burger King having coffee and watch the turkey across the road hunting for something to eat.

There are flocks of geese to see with their young-ins and it is funny to watch them run when they think it will be safer in the water than on land. If you see them trying to run on land you have to agree with them.

I reported a few weeks ago about the deer we were seeing and this continues to be true. I have yet to see any twins as you would expect after the winter we had. I did hear that there is some concern about how healthy this year’s fawn crop may be but I look at it this way, they have to be born in order to have any chance to make it.

Well, Wifee and I went from just the two of us to 13 at our house to now back to just the two of us. It sure is quiet around here now after the crew we had, but we had a great time. The only problem is now they expect Wifee and me to come down to Missouri this summer.

I am still having winter withdrawals and summer has just got official here and people are checking out things for the fall hunting season! It is way too early!

People are just getting into full gear on their summer camping adventures. It has always been interesting for those that come up to the U.P. to find out how many locals go out camping when they already live here. But there are locals that always make their summer trip to their favorite lake up north to camp and fish.

In fact, there are times when the same crew whether it be family or just a bunch of friends that meet each year at the lake to spend time together. Some go to fish, others to just enjoy the out of doors, while others just like the fellowship.

I have always found it interesting how some of those that have camped out for years have become quite good at cooking over an open fire. Some can make some pretty good meals with the old “Dutch Ovens” and cast iron cookware. From what I hear and have helped prove, you usually do not lose much weight while partaking in these camping trips and cookouts.

So fun is right next door, so get out there and enjoy it this summer.

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