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A Look Back at the... Pioneer-Tribune Archives

50 Years Ago

July 2, 1964

• The dwindling bald eagle population received another setback recently - this time at the hands of “Mother Nature” on the Seney Wildlife Refuge. The vicious wind storm of April 13, that caused so much damage across the Upper Peninsula, dropped a large Red (Norway) pine containing an eagle nest. The tree, located on an island in the Refuge’s C-3 Pool, apparently snapped with such force that the eagle, perched on one of the limbs, could not escape from the crashing pine. The nest did not contain any eggs, but the majestic bird was obviously interested in it. The loss of even one bald eagle now must be considered a major tragedy in their fight for survival. Pesticides, the crush of progress, people and pollution have brought the bald eagle population to extinction and near-extinction in many states. Seney National Wildlife Refuge has been a sanctuary for bald eagles since 1935. Two nests are active this year. The annual refuge population of eagles varies between six and ten.

• What do you do when the flag goes by? You salute and show your respect, and with July Fourth - Independence Day - close at hand, members of the Schoolcraft County All-Vets Council are urging public respect to the flag of our country. Indifference to the flag has become increasingly evident in recent years, and All-Vets members are concerned with this seeming decline in patriotism. A handbook issued by the Veterans of Foreign Wars on flag etiquette says, “To honor the passing flag, men in civilian clothes remove headdress with right hand, hold it at left shoulder, the hand being over the heart. Uniformed men render military salute. Men without headdress and woman render hand to heart salute.”

• Christine Mathson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mathson, 538 Manistique Ave., was chosen as Miss Schoolcraft County for 1964 in judging last Wednesday night. The contest was sponsored by the International Club and local Fourth of July committee. The Queen and her court will reign over the activities this weekend, and Christine will represent this are in the U.P. Queen contest later this summer at the U.P. State Fair. Named to the queen’s court were Vicki Creeden, Terry Cain, Sherri Becks and Judy Sheppard.

• More than 600 youngsters participated in the City Recreation swimming program the first week of operation, director Doug Tyrrell reported. The swim bus schedule has been set at 9:45 a.m. and 1:45 p.m.

35 Years Ago July 3, 1979

• In the next few weeks, the Pines park area near the airport will be transformed from a little-used picnic grounds into one of the county’s most complete recreation facilities. When completed, the park will include a basketball court, several play areas, a horseshoe pit and a 1,500 sq. ft. pavilion complete with a raised fireplace. There also are tentative plans to construct a cement skateboard track and a physical fitness trail. Final approval for much of the work came Monday from the Department of Natural Resources, which is splitting the $20,630 cost of the project with the county.

• The first Schoolcraft County Farmer’s Market will be held Tuesday beginning at 8 a.m. at the County Fair Building in Manistique. The market is being organized by the Manistique Area Farmer’s Market Association, a group of local residents who began work planning the market in late May. Markets are expected to be held each Tuesday and Friday through the summer and fall.

• Manistique Area residents should have little trouble finding fuel oil to heat their homes this coming winter, but they are going to find its price at least 35 percent higher than it was at the close of last season. Local fuel dealers reported this week they expect to receive sufficient supplies of heating oil from their distributors, unlike in some parts of the country where shortages are anticipated. The price of fuel oil has risen locally from an average of about 56 cents in March to its current level of about 75 cents. It is likely the prices will continue to increase throughout the winter.

• Seventy-nine women participated in last Wednesday’s golf matches. Low for the day was Robin Provo and Judy Provo with 46’s. Low on blind holes were Robin Provo with 11 and Judy Provo, Gayle Tufnell, Marge Jenerou, Jackie Villemure and Karen Prunty with 12’s. Hi on blind holes were Chris Behrend and Sue Urban.

20 Years Ago

July 7, 1994

• William Reno, Director of Public Safety retired on June 29. He is replaced by David Peterson, who was promoted to the position from lieutenant. During his 28 year career, he has made a lot of arrests including one with Officer Patrick Rodman which was the first drug bust in Schoolcraft County in the 1960s. Reno said that person got fined $2000 and was kicked out of the state. Reno started at Public Safety in March of 1966 as an officer who was assigned to the fire division, back then the fire department was a separate division opposed to the current combined fire, police and ambulance system. In October of 1967 he attended the police academy and after graduating was assigned to road patrol.

• After starting an organization that worked with homeless and unemployed people and running it for seven years, Pamela Fulton decided she needed a change. Fulton is the new minister at the Church of the Redeemer Presbyterian Church. Fulton started Advent House in Lansing. Advent House is a church based organization that operates a shelter, soup kitchen and work training sessions. She has 11 children and seven grandchildren. Two of her children, Jimmy 16, and Faith 13 along with her husband accompanied her to Manistique

10 Years Ago

July 1, 2004

• MDOT crews installed a temporary traffic signal at US-2 and Chippewa Avenue this week and were preparing to activate it Wednesday. The light will remain in place for the duration of the Siphon Bridge reconstruction project, with the goal of easing traffic delays along the busy detour route.

• A retirement dinner was held June 19 for Rev. Donna J. Lindberg of Manistique’s First United Methodist Church. Lindberg, who served the church for seven years and spent 37 years in ministry, is being replaced by Rev. Don Bedwell, who steps into the First Unite pulpit today (July 1).

• Manistique is the home of the new National Bible Quiz champions. The local team of Josiah Jones, Steven Jones and Harmony Ross captured the title in competition at Anaheim, Calif., last month.

• The ongoing effort to raise funds for Schoolcraft Habitat for Humanity got a big boost recently, thanks to a foundation grant from the Good Neighbor Program of the State Farm Insurance Company. Carrie Ranguette of the local State Farm office presented the $500 check to Habitat chapter President Jim Troyer.

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