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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Neighbors rights over your property

You can thank the Spare Windmills from Cooks group for your neighbors or someone driving by your property now being able to prevent you from doing anything on your property simply because they may not want to see it.

This is not a matter of if, it is when it will happen to you or someone you know.

This group of few advocated for and lobbied successfully to your county board and got three members of that board to agree that because a person no matter where they live can prevent you from having something on your property.

We are not talking about abandon cars or old trailers no they prevented a functioning structure that provides a service and in working order from being put on private property. Now think of what you have on your property that your neighbor may not want to see.

What will be next, get ready to have no rights to your property? Anyone living anywhere can now decide they don’t want to see something and now that this county board knows it has the “people” behind it can prevent anything from being on your land.

If allowing more oil on the market helps lower gas prices why would we think wind wouldn’t do the same thing?

Big oil companies have been subsidized for decades. Due to health cost going up and wars being fought some estimate gas over $23 a gallon if you add in the cost of wars and over $15 if you don’t. Google “the real cost of gasoline”

Without subsidies in one form or another many products we use would be unaffordable.

The side effects of coal cost this country over $500 billion a year. The seemingly low price is not so low when you look at everything not just your electric bill or the pump price.

We were given an opportunity to help reduce carbon and a few prevent that while helping remove your rights as property owners.

At the same time they took away just under $21,000 per turbine in taxes and that is just the first year and hundreds of thousands of dollars in the overall project.

This was money that could have been used in our county for many departments that are underfunded.

William L. Anderson


Dear Editor,

On behalf of the U.P. Regional Blood Center and all of the patients we serve throughout the U.P., I would like to thank Phyllis Burge, Ruth Annelin and the rest of the Amity Group for hosting another successful blood drive. As a result of everyone’s effort we collected an outstanding 45 pints of blood.

I would also like to thank all of the volunteer blood donors for taking the time to give the “gift of life.”

Most people don’t realize that one pint can save up to three lives. When donating blood every eight weeks you are helping to ensure someone out there will have another holiday, birthday, anniversary or continue to experience the gift of life.

Please consider giving at our next blood drive on Thursday, July 17 from 1-5:15 p.m. at the Blanchard Center. The life you could be saving could be yours or someone you know.

Thank you,

Sallie Coron, public relations coordinator of blood collections

U.P. Regional Blood Center

Dear Editor,

I’m really upset about all of the flowers that have been stolen off the graves in Manistique. Why has this not been a huge issue? My dad’s were stolen this year and my uncles last year a day after his funeral. I cannot believe anyone from my home town would do such a thing. I also know of several other friends that have had their flowers stolen. How can we deal with this?


Karen Robbins

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