2014-06-12 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, the cool nights and the warm days are just what makes living up here in the U.P. so great. Things are starting to grow and everybody is watching their garden to make sure we do not get one of those late season frosts. You know it can happen up here where we live. But the exspurts tell me as long as you have some cloud cover we should be all right.

We are starting to see some new life out in the woods. It is always interesting to watch nature run its course out in the woods. I don’t think that there is a single person that enjoys the great outdoors that does not find it interesting to watch and see how the reproduction cycle goes.

In our travels we have observed a number of turkeys that made it through this hard winter we had. Of course it may have helped if they were in an area where someone was helping them out with a little corn now and then. I don’t think there is anything else out in the woods that is funnier to watch run than a turkey. They look so awkward trying to run when they are spooked but they sure can cover a lot of ground fast.

I have to say that in all the time I have spent out in the woods I cannot recall a time when the mosquitoes were as thick and vicious as they are this year. It was always the case if you were around a beaver dam on a hot-muggy day the mosquitoes could be wicked, but this year they are that way all over.

After much deep study and at least a zillion bites, one of two things has taken place. Either after all the years we have used the bug dope we now use the mosquitoes have finally figured out that there is a human hiding behind that smell and some good things to feast on, or else we now have a breed of mosquitoes that are no longer affected by what we are now using.

At times they are so thick flying around your head you do not dare take a deep breath for fear you make eat a dozen or two. I think just about everybody is hoping that things will really warm up and dry out and the critters will disappear.

In fact, I was out and about and saw some people wearing a headnet over their hat which is something I had not seen in a number of years.

I heard something the other day that is really great news for a lot of us. From what I hear and this is not an official notice because I have not seen anything in writing, is that they have finally brought the ORV operators on their own land into the real world.

From what I was told a person will no longer have to wear a helmet on his own property when he is cutting wood, plowing the driveway, or other such activities. If so it is sure a move that was a long time in coming.

Now the other item they ought to correct is to bring the ORV’s and snowmobiles in line and correct the law so a person only needs a trail permit on their snowmobile when using designated or groomed trails. There is no reason a person that uses their snowmobile to go into camp down a 2-track that is no way a snowmobile trail should need a trail permit.

I guess we will just have to wait and see if this too is corrected.

You know in life some things just never change. The fun people can have just doing things together that in the overall scheme of life amount to very little but is so important. It is like grandma sitting out on a dock with a grandson who just loves to fish and catch little perch. It does not matter how bad the mosquitoes and other bugs may be this is a special time. It also does not matter how big the fish they catch, it is just a special time. There is no doubt in my mind that God when he made grandmothers made them for just a time like this.

Of course the fact they caught all these fish just may have been because of my project this past winter. I got to thinking last fall about the fact that if you are done fishing for the year you usually just let your night-crawlers go. But last year I had a better idea. Of course that may have been because I am older and slower so catching nightcrawlers is harder.

So I shredded a bunch of paper and mixed it up with some mulch in a Rubber Maid container and put my night-crawlers in it. I then feed them corn meal as a party that raises worms told me to do. It worked out great and we now have bionic night-crawlers to catch fish with.

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