2014-06-05 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, here we are into June and the last week sure was a nice one to enjoy. I guess just about everybody was ready for a spell of warm weather. Those along Lake Michigan did not get the warm weather that those up north got but it still was nice. There sure were a lot of people out enjoying the nice weather and catching up on things.

Of course living up here in the U.P. when the nice weather finally comes so do the mosquitoes and needless to say this year is a bumper crop! Not only are there a lot of them, but they are huge! I told Wifee I couldn’t go up on a ladder to wash windows for fear the mosquitoes being the size they were would knock me off.

Speaking to the “old timers” now, do you remember back in the “good old days” when you had mosquitoes like we have this year there was no way to keep them out of the house. The window screens you had were either homemade or the universal type that you place in the window and expanded to “try’ and keep the critters out. There were nights you spent life under the bed sheet trying to live until morning.

Back then needless to say nobody had even heard of any of the bug spray we have today. The only thing we had to use was the old army surplus bug dope left over from the war. It was called B-12 or some such thing and worked a little better than nothing. I still have a bottle of it in my surplus hunting stuff but the label has long since fallen off.

I have to wonder if the world like we have today was around and they tested a bottle of this surplus bug dope we used how many warning labels would have to be on it. Needless to say if the need should have come up back then you could use this stuff for paint remover. I saw this happen when you got it on some paint.

Another way to look at something that was army surplus back in the 40s and 5’s that you used for bug dope and applied to your skin was that maybe the bugs knew what was in it and that it could be hazardous to their health. But at least it helped a little.

If you are looking for bug spray around town you just may be out of luck because most stores have sold out.

If you are out in the woods (or even in the yard in some cases) make sure to check for ticks. In places people are finding tons of them. It makes me wonder who the “exspurts” were that when we had those warm winters a few years back made the following statement, “The reason there are so many ticks this year is because the weather was not cold enough to kill them off.”

If the “exspurts” were right back then with the winter we had this past winter ticks should be on the endangered species list.

How do “exspurts” get away with making a statement that proves 100 percent wrong and never get called on it.

With the nice weather we had last week the fishing sure picked up for some fishermen. There were a number of them that caught some nice walleye and bass. When fishermen have a week like they did last week it sure sets the table for some good times down the road.

There were a number of these successful fishermen that were made up of father and son teams and this is what can make hunting and fishing so special. I have always said you are building timeless memories and rapport that will live on forever. You will have a good feed and the fish will be gone but family outings will be relived forever.

Thanks to those in the “Big House” I have had a few reports from some of those people that have a place up here where they come for the summer that almost died of the big one when they went in to purchase a fishing license this summer. When they found out it was going to cost them $150 for a fishing license they decided to take up a different summer activity.

If a family should come up to their cabin with a couple of older teenagers they would have to take out a loan to purchase a fishing license. Then you add the price of gas now and the groceries for a summer trip you wonder why people have to tighten their belt?

It is no wonder the numbers are going down, the fact is there are some families that cannot afford the cost in today’s world. I asked one of those I talked to, “If you end up paying $150 for your fishing license to catch a few pan fish what does that figure out to per pound?”

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