2014-05-08 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well believe it or not they got a few smelt in the last week! Of course from what I have been told the best smelt fishing has been over east of Naubinway. There were some locals that went over there and got enough to pass a few around. I would hate to say how long it has been since a person could go out and get all the smelt he wanted.

Now we will see if the perch and other fish that people go after in the spring cooperate. After the winter we have had it would be nice if spring fishing was something to write home about. From what I hear and see, the fishermen are out there ready to try their luck. There is nothing like a good perch run off Garden to start the fishing season off right.

There are a few reports coming in on how bad the winter may have been on the deer herd and needless to say if what we hear is true, it may have been devastating in some areas. I do not want to repeat the percentage of the deer herd that I heard may have been lost in some areas because it has not been officially released yet.

One of the other things I heard was that people were finding older deer that had died and upon checking them they had good bone marrow and everything so they figured that the long cold below zero weather we had just did them in from the stress it caused.

There were those of us that felt all along that the day will come that our deer herd wood really get hit when we had a super bad winter like we had this year. We hear now that the DNR is going to put money into trying to help deer make it through a bad winter. But in so many cases the areas where the “thermo-cover” was there to protect the deer has been cut and will never come back.

One other thing I heard was when the DNR did try to buy some of the few areas still left with good “thermo cover” for a winter area for deer the local government officials killed the idea. It appears they had to approve the sale and they would not. For some reason it seems there is always a catch when something positive is trying to take place.

Having written this article for so many years I get asked all the time what I think of something, or people come up and tell me their opinion of something that is going on. It seems it is no different with the wind generator issue in the county. The following is what I have found out and the way I see it.

First off there seems to be a lot of people that think this is a perfect way of doing things because the wind is there and free so why not use it. But let me say there is a price to pay in a number of ways.

Number one you have to remember that in most cases we the tax payers are the ones paying for these wind turbine farms. That is why there are so many going up and I have written in my articles before on some of the problems with them. In some cases the life expectancy of these wind turbines are seven years on the low side and 10 years in the best situation. I am told they will never pay for themselves before they wear out.

If you were to research on the internet, these wind generator farms kill a large number of birds everything from eagles to song birds. If any other method of producing electricity was to produce these same problems of killing all these birds they would be fined into bankruptcy. It is so bad that now there are lawsuits being filed because those in government that should be looking into this problem are hiding their head in the sand.

The other thing I hear is if one party was to lease his field to put a wind turbine on it and they put the wind turbine right on the property line like is proposed in some cases it will affect the adjacent property owner in the use of his land. There should be a setback from a property line to protect a person that does not want the wind turbine on or to affect the use of his personal property.

What would you think if you had a piece of property where when you retired you planned to build your dream “hide-a-way” only to find out you cannot because your neighbor leased his land to the wind turbine company?

I was somewhere the other day and in my normal way of saying things I suggested that if the government was pushing these wind turbine farms so much why are they not being built on government land? I suggested the Garden Plans, the Thompson Plans, and other wide open places on government land.

It seemed like a logical answer but from the look on some people’s faces it had already been suggested and went over like a lead balloon.

This is an interesting situation with feelings on both sides, so it will be a real challenge for those trying to come up with a plan.

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